Trusting the Power of Love

Trusting the Power of Love

In our human-made world that has so much judgment, violence, and harm, how can we trust the power of love?

This question was asked in a Throwing of the Bones Ceremony, an ancient divination ceremony and healing art in the ways of Ka Ta See.

Listen to these videos (Part 1 & 2 below; Part 3 & 4 coming soon).
Soak in the guidance and doctoring…

PowerofLovePart1:poisonivy from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.


PowerofLovePart2:python&osharoot from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

2 Responses to Trusting the Power of Love

  1. Dear JoAnne,
    Thank you to you and the spirits for such beautiful presence and healing insights shared here…

    I feel my energy field uplifted and vibrationally aligned and nourished by this timely reminder…

    Thank You from my heart…


    • Hi Hannah. It’s so wonderful to hear about the healing, the nourishment from the ceremony touching you.

      There are two more videos to come soon, continuing the conversation with the spirits and their medicines.

      Heart to Heart,

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