JoAnne is a powerful and potent healer. She embodies unconditional love and acceptance and being in her presence allows me to feel and connect with that more within myself. JoAnne communicates from her integrity and creates such a safe space to share within. I would highly recommend working with JoAnne to anyone seeking self-empowerment.” -M.C.

I have benefited tremendously in my work with JoAnne. She is clearly connected to Spirit and I feel her approach touches a core depth I have not experienced in traditional psychotherapy. I have come into a deeper naming and claiming of my own inner wisdom and her presence serves as a model in how to do so without the felt sense of judgment. When I leave a session with her, I feel a greater sense of connection to myself, others and Spirit.” -S.H.

My experience of JoAnne is gentle joy, a strong sensitivity, a steadfastness in her commitment to peel away the layers to reveal what is essential. JoAnne radiates an invitation to re-member the embodied Heart space within and without.” -M.M.

I worked with JoAnne during a time of major transition. JoAnne combined a number of qualities — compassion, non-judgment, insight, and the unwavering belief that I’d land on my feet — to help me to find the right next step on my path. JoAnne’s wonderful ability to hold a caring space for transformation is a great gift to anyone who receives it.” -S.L.

My experience with JoAnne is Priceless. Her presence is so full of acceptance that put me at such ease. I also experienced a bone throw that still heals me to this day. It was one of the most sound and helpful readings I’ve ever had. This woman has a gift in allowing and drawing out what is most authentic within and with such a Powerful Gentleness. I am forever grateful for meeting JoAnne and experiencing myself even more as a result of her PRESENCE.” -M.C.

Just spending time with you is so inspiring to me because you are a 3D/human example of an embodied healer and as a result, I feel more confident that I can also step forward into that within myself. I am so grateful that you are on this Earth and that I met you.” -M.C.

I love how you lead ceremony. It is gentle, loving, easeful, unconditional, clear, concise, genuine, heartfelt and full of your Song.” -P.M.

Let me say again what a profound session that was last week. I really appreciate your straight talk – shook me out of some kind of trance dance I was in.” -A.F.

Your kindness has the power of blessing. May all you extend to others return to you and your loved ones in abundance.” -N.T.

I was truly transformed by the way you held the class. I’ve never had such a healthy and expansive experience with a leader as you.” -M.C.

“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed these journeys! They have opened my heart and mind to possibilities and connections I could not have imagined before.” -L.T.

Unleashing Love

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