What’s Your Super Power?

What’s Your Super Power?

It’s exciting to dream about how you’d really like to live, how you want to feel, what you desire to create, what you’d most love to do, all the magic you’d conjure up…if only you could.

So who is saying you can’t?

Where is that dream-squelching, doubtful voice coming from?

The power to follow your passions, to find happiness, freedom and love, often feels elusive. We learn to give our power away to judgments and fears, to other people’s expectations, to the shoulds and supposed-tos we’ve adopted from the world around us. It becomes a familiar habit to put our personal power in somebody else’s hands, which automatically places it out of our reach.

In the ancient tribal ways of Ka Ta See, the elders teach that power is found on the inside.

So your super power is already here, inside you, waiting to be remembered and brought alive in your everyday life.

Your power lies in your attention. That’s what the Peruvian elders teach.

Wherever we aim our attention, that’s what we’re making space for in our minds, bodies and spirits. That’s what we are feeding and generating more of.

Are we pouring our attention into what brings us alive or what numbs us out and keeps us stressed, fearful, and asleep?

Harnessing the power of your attention is something everyone can do. This is an extraordinary super power, though natural in our make-up as humans. Like any other skill, it just takes practice to become effective with it’s use.

Unfocused attention is like flipping through the TV channels with a remote control. We’re not really present to our experience. There’s only episodic, disjointed bits of information and chopped up pieces of stories. There’s a distracted disconnect as we search around for something to fill up our minds, to find something to do, to soothe the emptiness inside.

The ways of our contemporary world train us well to stay distracted, always rushing on to the next thing, disconnected from ourselves and others, stressed and in fear.

Focused attention is like a laser beam. There’s a steadiness and consistency, a staying-with-it momentum, a purposeful use of our attention and time. Focused attention is pure immersion in the here and now moment. A deep dive into our experience. Be this engaging in a conversation or starting a creative project or eating a meal or building a business or cultivating a relationship or learning a new skill or healing physical ailments and emotional pains or manifesting your dreams.

So you may not leap from tall buildings or shoot spider webs from your hands, but harnessing the power of your attention has limitless benefits and gifts. Pay attention to your attention. Reclaim the power of purposefully choosing where your attention goes. This is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

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  1. Such a perfectly timed reminder. I see this issue is really up for me and other’s right now. Perhaps the universe is nudging on us collectively, like a doe’s nose cajoling her fawn. Thanks!

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