Taking a Step

Taking a Step

Sitting beside the Rio Grande, I watched a heron wade in the waters. Standing tall on long spindly legs, Heron gracefully moved knee-deep through the rippling currents. So attentive, she apparently was hunting for fish. With every step, she peered into the river, looking upstream and downstream, gathering information from the sights and sounds, the scents carried on the winds, the sensations of the river currents, the muddy sand beneath her feet. She stopped, from time to time, and stood steadily in the stillness. And then she chose, where and how and when, to take the next steps.

What quests are you in the midst of? How are you finding your way?

Heron was knee-deep in a hunt for nourishment. While I watched her wading through the waters, no fish were caught. Eventually, she flew away.

This wasn’t a failure. Nothing about her was not-good-enough. The steps she’d taken in that particular time and place served a purpose. Exploring, discovering, learning through experience. Sharing, in the ways of Heron, all the knowledge she’d gathered up. Each step was part of the process to manifest what she was searching for. The actions taken, all the do-ings, were genuine expressions of her be-ing, of her natural connections in the web of life.

Taking a step. Life has momentum, directionality, movement, flow. The choices we make aim us in a particular direction, shaping our personal lives, creating ripple effects all around.

So what are the pictures, ideas, dreams that are guiding you? Who or what provided the map that determines the path that you take? Where are you heading and how are you going about getting there?

Weaving our be-ing and do-ing with authenticity and balance – this is a sacred dance. To be who we really are in all that we do – this is an interweaving of feminine and masculine energies.

Feminine energy holds the blueprint, the pictures, our dreams. This energetic blueprint is filled with vast information. The way an acorn carries all the knowings for becoming an oak tree. The way a caterpillar fully thrives in his existence as caterpillar while holding the knowing of becoming a butterfly.

What are your dreams? What are the pictures, beliefs, ideas you’re holding onto? About yourself? About others? About life? It’s so essential to see clearly these blueprints we carry inside because that’s what we will build, generate, be and become.

We can dream a new dream any time, any place. This is the key to untangling from limited concepts and habitual patterns. Dreaming new dreams is a catalyst for awakening, for healing, transformation, and change.

Masculine energy builds according to the blueprint held by the feminine. Masculine energy takes actions to bring our thoughts, dreams, and ideas into existence. The actions we take are the words we speak, the ways we relate, how we spend time, how we give and receive money, what we feed ourselves and others, how we move, rest and rejuvenate – all the activities of our everyday lives.

It’s helpful to pause along the way, just like the heron, and take a look around. Because each step brings us to a new place, a new moment, opening a universe of potentials and possibilities. Something once distant is suddenly within reach. Not-seen-before perspectives come into view.

There’s much to learn from the actions we take, from the discoveries we make, from noticing the effects our choices have in our own lives, on others, in the world all around. We may realize it’s time to re-vision, to clarify our dreams, to examine more closely the pictures and blueprints we’re holding as guides. Have we left something out? Does something need to be let go of? Are we carrying around an outdated map or somebody else’s dream?

Each step we take informs how, when, and where we take the next. Are we actually heading where it is we want to go? Who are we being and becoming? Do we need to course-correct? Reach out to connect? Ask for some help? Use other tools? Develop a new skill? Gather up our focus and continue on our way?

The joining of feminine and masculine energies is dynamically creative. We are all co-creators, ceaselessly shaping life on this planet – personally and collectively, locally and globally – with our thoughts, actions and emotions, with every step, with every breath that we take.

With clarity in the dreaming joined with purposeful action-taking, our day-to-day lives become genuine expressions of our being, of our natural connections in the web of life.

We too can live like the heron and join up with the ways of the earth – being who we really are with every do-ing that we do.

What are the pictures you’re carrying in your heart and your mind? About yourself and others? About how happiness is found? About your purpose and passions in this particular lifetime? About relationships or health or money or death or beauty or the earth or freedom or love?

What’s the next step for you?

8 Responses to Taking a Step

  1. Beautiful, Timly. Looking at how I am setting my days and how would I like them to look and if it’s possible.

  2. Starting off on a new journey this morning…keeping each step open and inclusive and sacred. Thank you for delivering this to us today as it helps so much, like a blanket of protection and freedom….. Peace

    • Wishing you all you are seeking as you set off on your journey, Tess. Please keep touch, would love to hear what unfolds.
      Heart to Heart,

  3. I especially appreciate the reminder that times spent step-by-step in one’s place, which may not result in “success” are nonetheless nothing like failure, rather being fully embodied in right action for that time, and always essential to what is yet to be….lovely!

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