Spider Medicine

Spider Medicine

How do we stay steady, find our balance, feel loving, when we witness and experience harm, turbulence, challenges and change?

How do we birth a new world and reach into the potentials of our awakening hearts that so many describe as the calling of these times?

Here’s a story, a memory, that I often turn while finding my way through the passages of transitions and change:

During sunset for a few evenings, I’d been watching a long-legged spider weave huge spiral webs from the wooden beams of the porch roof all the way to the shrubs and grasses far below. One night when I slept outside in a hammock, I had an unexpected awakening just before dawn.

Early the next morning, as the sun began to rise, I was abruptly awakened out of my dreams. There at eye-level, right in front of my face, was the long-legged spider looking back at me as she floated in the air on an invisible thread. How had this silent creature so boisterously called me out from my sleep? What was it she wanted me to see?

The spider dangled in front of me just long enough to be sure I was awake enough to see what was about to unfold right before my eyes. Then the spider crawled up the invisible thread and somersaulted into her web. Glistening fibers broke apart. Delicate threads came undone. The elaborate spiral imploded as the bottom half of the web collapsed in on itself.

I watched with wide-eyed amazement as the spider deliberately dismantled the rest of her web, unraveling her weaving, unknitting the spiral, deliberately taking apart the exquisite tapestry she’d meticulously created just hours before. Then she crawled away into the rafters, retreating into the shadowy crevices between the wooden beams and peeling bark.

The long-legged spider didn’t only weave webs. She also took them apart. She lived with unshakeable knowing that she had what was needed to weave the web for her life whenever the guidance from within and the cycles of the earth indicated it was time.

So what if we perceived everything going on in our lives, in others’ lives, and globally in our world as having something to do with weaving and unweaving, with the dance of endings and beginnings, with the dying away and the birthing of the new?

What if we offered our energy and time, like the spider taking her web apart, to purposefully un-do from and freely let go of what has served it’s purpose and is no longer needed now?

What if we could stay present, lovingly, respectfully, with the process of the un-doing, with the death and letting go, with the changes in what has been? Can we allow for the messiness alongside the beauty, the transformations, the connectedness, the magic?

Hand in hand with any death, with any ending or completion of a cycle, there are new beginnings and birthings organically in process too.

What if we gave our energy and time, like a midwife, to nourish, support, honor, and stay present with all that is finding it’s way into existence? Can we allow space for the messiness of the birthing ~ along with the beauty, mystery and magic of who and what is coming to life?

We can be midwives for birth and for death too. These are sacred passages for everyone and everything involved.

Like Spider, we too can weave and unweave and reweave the web of our lives, fiber by fiber, moment by moment, day after day, co-creating and connecting, with every step and every breath we take.

Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmonies. ~ Rumi

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  1. Thank You dear JoAnne, very timely indeed for me to receive this lovely piece of writing in my mailbox… It’s a phase of death lately for myself and thankful to remember the rebirth and birthing already unfolding this very moment and in each moment within this weaving… Thank You beautiful woman

    • Hi Hannah. May the gifts of the spider keep feeding your heart as you move through the cycles with death. Sending you much love and support.
      Heart to Heart,

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