Solstice: Honoring the Cycles of Life

Solstice:  Honoring the Cycles of Life

Solstice is a unique celestial alignment, a special moment in time and space in the dance of our earth and our sun.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, a chance to feel the very heartbeat of the quieting and stillness, all the mystery the darkness brings. Darkness is an essential element for life, a vital aspect of our daily cycles and seasons on the earth.

Solstice is a threshold, a transformational passage from darkness into the opening of light. The turning of the times and shifting of the seasons are powerful and poignant moments. We touch that magical space betwixt and between. Boundless possibilities are so alive.

Solstice offers the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the completion of this cycle – in our personal lives, in the web of life on our planet. To honor what has been. To pause in the stillness, sense the rich aliveness in the quieting, to feel what it’s like to stand at the threshold.

As any ending naturally carries us into a beginning, Solstice offers the opportunity to turn our attention toward where we are heading, toward the visions of what we want to birth, toward clarifying our unique and genuine expressions of our own light, our creative passions, our love.

This year, New Moon brings even more dynamic energy to the seasonal shifts. A new lunar cycle unfolds hand-in-hand with the passage of the Solstice. New beginnings are being strongly amplified in the celestial dance of our earth, sun and moon. We are part of this. We’re touched by this, immersed in the field of these transitions spiraling all around.

Not only are we influenced by the seasonal shifts, we’re co-creators of the cyclical changes. We are influencing how the completions come to an ending and how the new beginnings unfold.

Your thoughts, dreams, and visions shape what is to come. So dream big. Dream happy. Dream way out-of-the box. Dream new dreams – for your life, for the earth, for all life.

May the beauty of Solstice fill your heart.

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