Solstice Gift ☀️ Dream a New Dream

Solstice Gift ☀️ Dream a New Dream

Wherever we are on the planet – and whatever our politics or religion or economics or homeland or race or gender or age or native language – we are being touched by the Solstice and Full Moon (December 21 & 22).

The rhythms of the earth, the dance of the sun and moon, the shifting of the seasons touch each and every one of us, shaping us, and weaving us together in a vast, diverse, interconnected web of life ~ humans, rivers, wildflowers, bobcats, hawks, stars, tree frogs, polar bears, bumblebees, whales.

May this Solstice season be a time for remembering what is true to our hearts, for feeling our connectedness, and untangling from the out-of-balance patterns that harm, judge, and fight against nature (even our genuine human nature).

Here’s to dreaming new dreams for heart-centered ways of living, for creating together a heart-centered world.

I’d love to share this gift with you to inspire you to dream!

DREAM A NEW DREAM (free pdf download) – Enjoy!

Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart,





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