So Much New

So Much New

So much is calling us into the new. There’s a yearning to untangle from the warring and disharmony, to awaken love, happiness, and peace. Like great river currents, there’s momentum drawing us toward the remembering of who we really are, the re-designing of our relationships, the re-creating of our lives personally and collectively on the planet.

Can you feel it?

Fears tend to get activated when we come face to face with change, even when we’re heading in the direction we really want to go. We fear the dying away of what’s familiar. There’s mystery, uncertainty, unknowns.

It is possible to reach beyond the fears. We can step into the currents of change and go-with rather than fight-against the momentum toward the new. We can purposefully construct the changes taking place in our personal lives, in our families, our communities, our world. Each of us, in every moment, is a co-creator of life.

In the coming days, we are immersed in a dynamic field of new beginnings. Reach out to connect. Reach in to your own spirit, mind, body and heart. There is guidance within and all around to help us find our way. We’re shaping how and where the river of change flows.

Solstice (December 21)
Solstice is a turning of the times, a shifting of the seasons on our earth. Solstice is a unique alignment with our sun. North of the Equator, we enter into wintertime. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer is coming into full bloom.

These seasonal transitions don’t take place in isolation. The web of life on earth is in relationship with other planets and stars, with our galaxy and the cosmos far beyond.

Wherever we are on the earth, we are being touched by the Solstice. We are intimately connected with the dance of our planet and sun.

Why, for so long, has Solstice been held sacred in our human lives? For countless generations in diverse cultures, we’ve marked this celestial event with ceremonial sites, stories, and art. What is so compelling about this particular changing of the seasons? What ancient knowledge has been forgotten?

Reach out to discover the gifts that Solstice holds. Join up with the magic. Feel the beauty, the mystery and awe. Share the great love that naturally flows through you. Choose what you give and receive in the tapestry of life in this turning of the times.

New Moon (December 28)
We live in a universe of cycles within cycles within cycles. In the midst of the passage into a new season marked by Solstice, we enter a new cycle of the moon. Such a dynamic interweaving of new beginnings. The momentum of change is hard to ignore. We’re being called to honor the endings, leave behind what has come to completion, and move passionately into the new.

New Moon is a powerful time to vision and dream, to set intentions for the new cycle. Dreams exist in the realm of energy, the not-yet-manifested. Dreams are the blueprint for what will come into existence in our lives. Dreams are filled with pictures, emotions, thoughts and sensations, with vast fields of information, that shape what we build and birth in our world.

Don’t let this rich opportunity to vision and dream pass you by. Have fun dreaming. Free up your creative imagination. Let your visions and dreams run wild…way out of the box. Discover the ingenuity of your own spirit and mind. Let your dreams be genuine expressions of the passions in your heart.

Dream beautiful new dreams. For your life. For the earth. For all life.

New Year (January 1)
The new year, marked by our calendar, has become linked with making resolutions. Resolutions tend to get flavored with harshness, an attempt to force ourselves (and others) to change. Resolutions often are rooted in judgments, feeling less-than, not good enough, not measuring up. We make long lists of shoulds, adding more rules and regulations to our lives, as we head into the new year.

This approach to change-making is unsustainable, un-enjoyable, and just another stress. Old habits and addictions inevitably return which evokes a sense of failure. Self-doubts, judgments, and fears start brewing. It’s a no-win situation.

Every year is a new revolution – the earth’s circle around the sun. What if we create a new approach to making changes by simply joining up with this dance?

In every revolution of our earth around the sun, there is a natural flow. There are incremental changes, minute by minute, day after day, that eventually become a year. Every year’s revolution grows out of all that has gone before and organically leads into the next. Never exactly the same beginning or ending points. Never exactly the same path.

So let’s join the revolution. Not the warring kind. The circling kind. Where there’s equity, inclusion, wholeness, connection, and balance. Change is always unfolding. The key is choosing what that change will be. No better-than or less-than beliefs about yourself, others, and the world need be involved.

We could start this revolution and eventually fill the entire year with gratitude, curiosity, freedom, self-acceptance, creativity, passion for learning, peace, openness to healing, heart-centered living, harmony among humans and all life on earth.

Each one of us, in any moment, has the power to change the world. What is the change you want to be?

Happy Solstice.
Happy New Moon.
Happy New Year.

With Love,

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  1. This is what today is..has brought…can be….Thank you Joanne for sharing your heart! Be warm and light and love….Tess

  2. So beautifully said JoAnne! Yes, so much changing! I hope to see you at the next bone ceremony! Keep me posted and have a wonderfilled holiday season! Big hugs! Desiree

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