She Got Her Spirit Back

She Got Her Spirit Back

She slipped out beyond the fence. It was my mistake, leaving the gate open, something I never do. Perhaps it wasn’t such a big mistake after all, depending on your point of view.

Luna, my four-legged friend, has been on a rest-period for a week to heal the muscle strain in her leg. Everyday since she was a puppy, we’ve gone out on the land where she can run free. Asking Luna not to play or chase rabbits or dig into gopher holes or track the trails of the people and dogs she wants to meet is like asking a bird not to fly, a fish not to swim.

Though I knew this was against doctor’s orders, I have to admit I was glad Luna got out to play. Eventually she came back home, tail wagging, telling me all about her adventures. The light in her eyes, the exuberance radiating through her body, was beautiful. She felt so very alive.

“You got your spirit back,” I said, giving her a belly rub. I celebrated, too, the pure instinctive expression of Luna being who she is and doing what she naturally loves to do. Her joy touched my heart. I felt happy too.

I wondered who else she’d touched along the way of her wild excursion. I wondered how her loving presence on the earth rippled out beyond, weaving aliveness and passion and love and play into the web of life.

A little while later, I slipped out the gate too. We’ve been housebound a couple days due to the rainstorms that have flooded our rural dirt road. I slowly navigated around the rocks and over the bumps, following the new twists and turns the rushing waters had made. When I made it to the pavement, I turned left and headed to the mountains, beckoned by the big blue skies, fresh air, and sweet adventure of the wide-open road.

Luna’s medicine – the embodiment of love – stayed with me on my journey. I want to live this way too: letting love and acceptance fill every cell of my being and naturally radiate out, touching everyone and everything. No exclusions. No exceptions. No walls.

That doesn’t mean I agree with or condone or want more of something to happen. Being loving and accepting means observing with clear eyes, seeing what is just as it is, without judgments, shoulds, and supposed-tos clouding my view.

Being loving and accepting means expanding my mind and my heart, holding a wide-open field of respect and acceptance for the existence of everyone and everything, here and now.

This way of being doesn’t hold things in place and make them continue or force them to stay the same. Rather there’s room now for change, movement, and flow. New possibilities and potentials now can be seen, created, shared, and brought to life.

Building more walls, hating more people, harming more of our earth isn’t getting us anywhere new.

So what’s one thing you can do today to open your heart, see from another point of view, expand the circle of who and what you consider worthy of acceptance and love?

What can you do today to call your spirit back – to feel your aliveness, your connectedness, your wholeness, your peacefulness, your playfulness, your joy?

This is how we weave a more loving world, fiber by fiber, minute by minute, step by step.




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  1. Hi there, i just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful message! It is exactly wjat i needed to hear….it resonates!

    • Hi Tina! How lovely to hear from you. So glad Luna’s medicine is rippling out, touching you too!
      Heart to Heart,

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