Sacred Masculine

Sacred Masculine

In honor of the Solstice and Fathers’ Day celebrations this month, a Bone Throwing Ceremony was given to request guidance:  Show us how to live with clear knowing and respectful, loving relationship with the masculine, in ourselves, others, the web of life.

Pictures We Hold
The Spirits show that we are carrying around distorted pictures of masculine energy, of maleness, of men. We’re strongly tied to and highly addicted to these inaccurate beliefs, holding them near and dear to our hearts.

The Spirits describe the distorted pictures of the masculine as:
• one-dimensional, shaped by society’s programming, fear, woundings from the past;
• tied to concepts of hardship, sacrifice, and heartache, using power-over to maintain the status quo;
• limited by either-or propositions such as win or lose, better than or less than, failure or success;
• filled with warring against our own bodies, against other people and their physical appearance and existence, against countries and cultures, against nature and natural cycles, against the earth.

We’re using these distorted concepts of the masculine to build our lives, our work, relationships, and health, in ways that are harming, stress-filled, inorganic, and out of balance.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The distorted pictures are just ideas, things we have learned, assumed, and adopted without examination. We can un-learn them. We can choose to seek out and find what is accurate, genuine, and true.

Authentic Blueprints
The Spirits show that genuine knowings of the masculine are readily available to us. The authentic blueprints of the masculine are within us, in our Songs, in our human consciousness, in the vast nonlinear realms. To find, explore, and remain aware of the accurate blueprints involves trusting our inner authority. This is a shift from how we’ve given our power away to outside authority, to society’s mandates, media propaganda, and falsehoods about the masculine.

We are being called now to awaken and remember the authentic blueprint of masculine energy and build our lives according to this blueprint, rather than perpetuating and complying with the distorted pictures.

This involves the natural flow of manifesting – to bring something from the realm of energy (the blueprint of the masculine) into existence in the physical world.

The Spirits strongly emphasize we have the ability to do this. In the Bone Throw, the gifts of manifesting are held in the heart. The ability to manifest is a natural aspect of who and what we are.

Yet we tend to shy away from, hide, and disregard our ability to manifest. We give our power away, waiting for someone else to figure things out, expecting “those people” or “him” or “her” to make the changes. We deny our personal responsibility. We utilize our remarkable gifts of manifesting to keep hierarchies in place, to generate fear-based, judgmental ways of living and relating, over and over again. These disempowering patterns are ready to be let go.

To live with clarity, love and respect for the masculine, it’s essential to take back our power, to purposefully and choicefully, with clear discernment and non-judgment, give birth to the new. With genuine knowings of the masculine and our gifts to manifest from the heart, we have what is needed to make significant changes – to build our everyday lives with genuine understandings and expressions of masculine energy, with unconditional love, acceptance, and respect for men’s medicine.

With this transformation, we’re digging deep inside the passions of our own existence, reaching into the vast mysteries and truths of life, creating an unshakable foundation upon which to build our lives.

The Spirits describe what we’ll be building as abundant, diverse, thriving, in balance, empowered, creative, passionate ways of living, loving, and relating. Way out of the box. Beautiful beyond words. Extraordinary beyond what we may even have dared to dream.

Connection with the Earth
As we venture into new territory in our experiences and expressions of the masculine, as we leave the past woundings and distorted pictures behind, our Mother Earth is showing us she is an ever-present teacher and guide. It’s vital to cultivate a deeply-felt relationship with the earth, to learn with and from the earth, to be in communication with the earth, with plants, animals, bees, oceans, and others in the web of life.

Such connection with the mother earth is our nature, our natural way of being. This has gotten lost as we’ve believed in and played out distortions of masculine energy.

As we transform our relationship with the masculine, the Spirits are instructing us to stay present in the present, steadily focused in the here-and-now physical time and space. Throughout the everyday moments of our everyday lives, it’s important to feel, sense, observe where we are and what’s happening. Are we truly weaving our lives from the authentic blueprints carried within? Are we getting drawn back into the old pictures and addictive patterns?

We need to be attentive to the effects rippling out from our words, actions, and choices. Each step shapes the next in our personal lives, in our collective existence as humans, for life on the earth and beyond. With every step we take, we create a pathway for the generations to come.

Relationship with the Feminine
Transforming our relationship with the masculine will naturally involve transforming our relationship with the feminine. The distorted pictures we carry of the masculine are tied with distorted pictures of the feminine and inaccuracies about the relationships between the feminine and masculine. The old patterns, based on competition, warring, judgment and fear, are ready to be dismantled. We’re creating space for the new.

The Peruvian ways of the circle are shown to be a guide for our freedom, for awakening new ways of being and building our lives and our world. There are no hierarchies in the circle. No better thans and less thans. No competition for power and control.

In the ancient enduring ways of Ka Ta See, the feminine and masculine energies, women and men, are deeply honored and mutually respectful, openly giving and receiving, connected, cooperative and collaborative, unique and purposeful in their contributions to the flourishing of life.

The Bone Throw describes us as awakening our freedom to thrive in authentic understandings and expressions of the feminine and masculine. To have equity, unconditional love, acceptance and respect in all our relationships – with ourselves, others, the web of life.

Coming Home
In this quest for discoveries about the masculine, we’re awakening the truths of who and what we really are. We’re visioning and building our lives and our world from a deep genuine rootedness and steady natural foundation.

Where we are heading in our lives, as described by the Spirits, is vastly creative and deliciously alive. There’s peacefulness and beauty. Heart to heart relationships. We’re diving into the mystery and living beyond our wildest dreams.

This awakening is our homecoming.

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