Sacred Circles: Way of the Buffalo

Sacred Circles: Way of the Buffalo

Where do we go from here? – Part Two

In the first article describing the Bone Throw Ceremony (Where are your roots?), the Spirits guide our attention to the foundations in our lives, primarily how we identify ourselves. This is shown as the key for making any changes we seek personally, in our families and community, and globally on the earth.

Here is more from the Spirits:

Death: We are moving through a death cycle, an ending of a particular way of life on our planet, personally and collectively, locally and globally. The Spirits are describing the importance of finding the gifts in the dying away of what has been. Death, like birth, is messy, filled with changes in what is familiar, with what we are used to seeing, feeling, believing, relying on. We may feel shaken to the core. We may feel disoriented. We may feel relieved, curious, and excited about what is to come. The Spirits are guiding us to nurture the endings, like midwives and loving guardians, to assist the dying away to take place. Death creates space for the birthing of the new.

Rock and River: These bone pieces are sitting together speaking about Standing Rock. The experiences taking place with the Water Protectors on the Sioux lands in North Dakota are being described as a tipping point, a turning point, potentially a pathway into our awakening as humanity. If we want this to be a pathway out of the asleepness – the hierarchy and harm and disrespect – that will be influenced by how we think about, talk about, feel about, and take action around all of this. We are co-creators in the experience, from nearby and faraway. We can assist in the momentum toward awakening or staying asleep. We are being called to own our power as co-creators of life.

Osprey Medicine: What is the legacy you’re leaving behind? We leave a legacy with every moment we live. The awareness of this offers us a powerful tool for guiding every word we speak, every thought we think, every choice we make. You can ask yourself in any circumstance: What is the legacy I’m leaving behind? What energetically and physically is being left in my wake? Loving care? Physical damage? Emotional harm? Respect for diversity of life?

The awareness of your legacy is being shown as an effective and empowering tool to use to build your personal life, to cultivate relationships, to build your dreams, to reweave the ways of humanity’s presence on our earth. Everything you are and do in the here-and-now touches life in this time and space as well as the generations to come.

Buffalo Nation: In a buffalo herd, there is great care given to the little ones. The adult buffalo, such massive animals, will form a circle facing outward and surround a young buffalo who is protected inside the circle of their bodies. The buffalo instinctively create safe space for little one, honoring the new life, taking actions to support the little one’s well-being, offering protection and care for this precious new life.

Symbolically, the Buffalo are showing us the way to honor the awakenings we are in the midst of as humans. Finding our way back home to our authentic ways of being, re-awakening the ways of harmony and balance we’ve forgotten and left behind. Remembering who we really are and being this, living this, throughout the everyday moments of our everyday lives. Discovering how to reweave our relationships with love, curiosity and respect, with other individuals and groups and the whole of humanity, with the land and waters, with the extraordinary web of life on the earth and beyond.

We are immersed in a death cycle, a hugely transformative time of change on our earth. We are being called to own our power as co-creators. This is an immensely different way of being than feeling powerless or entitled to take power-over. We are being instructed to take responsibility for the legacy we are leaving behind. This entails opening our awareness to a much bigger and more loving and clear perspective on how we are choosing to live, in how we are influencing and affecting the web of life.

Our personal and collective awakening, like the young buffalo calf, is to be honored as a precious new life. The Buffalo Nation is calling us to protect and honor these new beginnings as we explore and discover how to reconstruct our lives, how to reweave harmony into our relationships, how to welcome and nuture and engage with the death cycle of the hierarchy, the judgments and fears.

Care for this new life – this is the guidance from the Buffalo. Offer nurturance and protection so there is the opportunity for these new ways of being to be seen, felt, shared and deepened, to grow and flourish and thrive.

These sacred circles shown to us by the Buffalo are relational spaces which honor and protect, rather than diminish and disregard, the importance of the new visions and just-birthed ideas, of the “little” steps taken, of the momentary interactions that have long-lasting ripple effects, of the creative and beautiful and healing potentials we are beginning to touch into and bring to life.

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