Where Are Your Roots?

Where Are Your Roots?

For many people, it’s becoming harder to ignore the harm we are doing to one another and our earth. Standing Rock, the US election, racism, warfare, environmental damage…the list goes on and on, in places nearby and faraway.

Are we headed down an unstoppable path of destruction? Is it possible to create changes in the direction of harmony and peace?

Here are some gems from a recent Throwing of the Bones Ceremony. I will be writing a series of articles as there is so much that is given in each ceremony.

Listen with your heart as you read the words. Feel into the doctoring being shared. Explore the guidance from the Spirits with all of your senses, your whole being, your mind, body, heart and spirit.

I’d love to hear from you, your thoughts, feelings, questions. And reach out to connect with others. You are not alone. Our lives are interwoven in our personal relationships and global community, in our interconnected eco-system throughout the earth and beyond. Together we can heal and learn and co-create, and fall in love with life again.

Where are your roots?

Like a tree, our roots provide the foundation for our lives. Everything we do, think, feel, say, express grows out of the foundation of our beliefs. The Spirits are directing our attention here as the first place to begin, if we want things to be different in our lives and in the world.

We are being called to take a close look at how we identify ourselves. This is our primary foundation, the roots out of which everything grows.

Who are you?
Who are we, the global human race?
What is our relationship with the web of life?

When we live in a society filled with hierarchy, violence, destruction, and disrespect, we readily adopt and often have imposed upon us a whole collection of false ideas about ourselves, others, the earth, life itself.

When we can see ourselves clearly and genuinely understand who we are – no better-thans or less-thans involved – we become at home and at ease in our own skin. We feel at home in our lives, in our relationships, as part of humanity, with all life on the earth.

In the ways of Ka Ta See, the Peruvian elders describe our genuine identity as the remembering our Song. This knowing of who you are lives inside you. Your Song is you. Yet when we get led astray by outside influences and give our power away, we will forget. We will go into hiding. We will bury our Song beneath stress, trauma, judgments, and fears.

Awakening and remembering your Song – this is your genuine rooting. Being your Song is an internal clarity and centeredness. Free of judgments. Free of blindly-adopted beliefs. Genuine, authentic, loving, aware. Feeling and sharing your naturals ways of being.

Being centered in your Song is like digging a tap root deep into the fertile soils of the earth. You have a steady and unshakeable foundation, simply and naturally and freely being you. Like an oak tree passionately being an oak tree and an aspen tree genuinely being an aspen tree – there is no confusion; there are no doubts; there are no judgments about who is better or less than, worthy of love or not.

We too can live with pure and genuine self-expression while honoring and respecting the diversity in the web of life. Remembering who you really are, rooting deep inside this awakening, is a homecoming – to yourself, to your passions and life purpose, to the ways of harmony and balance, to living in love with life.

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