Returning to Our Nature

Returning to Our Nature

There is so much about our humanness that we’ve forgotten and left behind.

Our ability to love.
Our boundless creativity.
Our intimate connectedness.
Our freedom to vision and manifest our dreams.
Our senses, awake and aware, giving and receiving vast fields of information.
Our rich communication with the physical and non-physical realms.

We have an organic nature to grow, heal, and transform.
We’re naturally curious and playful.
Peaceful. Joyful. Grateful.
Filled with acceptance and respect.

We belong in the dance with natural cycles,
the endings and beginnings,
the birthings and deaths,
and all the in-betweens.
In every moment, we are weaving the web of life.

It’s time for remembering the beauty of who we are,
to feel the aliveness and explore the diversity
within us and all around ~
the medicines of the earth who is our home,
the gifts of the sun and moon who shape the flow of our days,
the shifting of the seasons,
the passages of your life,
the quests you are on,
the visions and dreams you hold.

Find your way back home to your heart.

Fall in love with life again.

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