Remember the Power of Your Dreams

Remember the Power of Your Dreams

We are entering a new lunar cycle this week, our first New Moon in the new calendar year. Each of us, everyone in the vast web of life, is immersed in, surrounded by, sharing and shaping the new cycles. For us two-leggeds, the New Moon offers a powerful time to set intentions for new beginnings, to passionately vision and dream.

What do you really want? What do you really really want…for your life, for your family and community, for the earth, for all life?

“Your wants awaken your passions,” said Ka`Kao. “Your passions lead you to your dreams. Your dreams hold the remembering of what you love about life. Feel your aliveness. Feel the callings of your heart.” ~ from Spirit of Chocolate

So often we learn to tone down our dreams, to silence the passions of our very own hearts. We go into hiding. We work hard to avoid judgments. We try to outrun our fears. This is exhausting, stressful, and numbing.

In our new lunar cycle in the beginnings of our new year, how about giving yourself the gift of exploring this question: What do you really want?

And you can ask others the very same thing. And how would it feel to deeply listen and openly share, to honor the uniqueness of your own and others’ dreams?

Imagine the possibilities if we cultivate the skill of listening and perceiving with the eyes of the heart. This is one of my dreams.

Our dreams don’t exist in isolation. Our dreams are rooted in connection with ourselves and one another. Our dreams are found in our relationship with life itself. Every dream links the now and the future, weaving fibers of connection, building the bridge to the new.

Here’s a story from an experience I had over a decade ago. The wise ways of the plants who live in the high desert are still helping me remember, after all these years, the power of dreaming with awareness of our connectedness with all that is and all that will be.


Walking among the towering pines, I shared a gift offering with the spirits of the land to ask for their help. I had driven to the mountains to find some sage plants to harvest for ceremonies. I’m-looking-for-Sage became a silent chant, a drumbeat setting the rhythm for my explorations around the land. I found feathers. I listened to the ravens and watched vultures coast in the winds. I shared quiet companionship with rabbits and deer. I welcomed the sight of the ancient crumbling rocks, feeling embraced by the presence of my old friends. But Sage was nowhere to be found.

Late in the afternoon, I started hiking back to my car. My mind was consumed by distracting chatter. Had I come all this way only to return home empty-handed? I should have talked with an expert who really knows about plants. Am I just wandering around following my heart, aimlessly getting off track?

Slowed by the tugs of doubt and disappointment, I stopped and stood still in the middle of the path. I breathed in the pines. I felt the earth beneath my feet. I remembered what I had come here to do.

“I’m searching for Sage,” I said aloud to the trees. I took a few steps into the meadow. “And Sage is searching for me,” I said with a smile, playing around. But I loved the feeling of this new possibility: I’m looking for Sage and Sage is looking for me. Instinctively we now were joined in the hunt, both seeking and searching, reaching out to meet up.

I walked on through the meadow with renewed curiosity and intent. Something lying on the ground near a tree caught my attention – a collection of bones bleached white by the sun. I leaned in to have a closer look. There by my foot was a sage plant, graceful stems of tiny mint-green leaves reaching out in all directions, soaking up the sun. I glanced around and discovered yet another plant and then a whole cluster and then even more. Sage plants were flourishing in the meadow. How had I not seen them before?

Sage taught me something essential about manifesting: It’s a mutual thing. It’s embodied in connection. What we seek we will find when we know (without a doubt) that it too is seeking us – be it a plant or a friend or abundance or love. Manifesting is a birthing, a calling-into-existence, an intimate weaving of the choice and intent of everyone and everything involved.

6 Responses to Remember the Power of Your Dreams

  1. Joanne, I found this article you wrote to be incredibly helpful and have shared it with several friends. Thank you so much I dearly love your newsletter ❤

    • Hi Maia Joy. Thank you so much for writing. I’m delighted to know the stories are touching your life and have been shared with your friends. Enjoy a beautiful new moon filled with your dreams.
      Heart to Heart,
      JoAnne ♥️

  2. Joanne…as always…so much beauty and deep heart centered thought! Your story of seeking Sage reminded me of a similar tale I share about seeking pottery shards in Ecuador. I stayed at a small inn in the countryside and the owner told me how easy it was to hike the surrounding land and that there were chards rich with mica in areas where the potters from long ago lived.

    I was with a friend and we set out for a hike with the intention to find a chard to bring back for medicine if it was meant to be. We looked high and low…had a glorious walk…but saw no sign of chards. We stopped and regrouped. I suggested that we take a break and lie down and tap into the Earth…rest…feel the chards and release our attachment to finding any at all.

    So, we walked just a little further to what felt like a nice open, flat area to rest. It was sandy and soft and the ground was warm. It felt wonderful and as my head touched the ground I looked around to be sure there weren’t any creepy crawlers around or that I wasn’t crushing any plant medicine.

    And lo and behold I was surrounded by chards! It was as if Sprint had sprinkled them all around me! We laughed with delight! I realized that sometimes when I am seeing it is best to slow down or stop and allow…to be open and receptive at the same time I am forced and seeking! It is a dance…like life…filled with magic if that is what we are calling forth!

    Happy New Moon! Ill be drumming…here in NC. Blessings, Desiree

    • Hi Desiree. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story!

      Wishing you a happy new moon. Thank you for drumming in the new beginning.

      With Love,

  3. Dear JoAnne,
    I remember you sharing your words with Sage in another writing. It warmed my Soul then and I wrote it in my journal of favorite words, quotes, sayings etc.
    I needed to receive your story today……… for ME…… clarity, calmness and direction.
    Thank you, JoAnne, once again for sharing at the right and perfect moment.
    Fondly and with love,

    • Hi, Joan. Flourish in the finding of your clarity, calmness, and direction. So powerful and healing.

      It’s always a joy to hear from you.

      Heart to Heart,

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