Raven Medicine

Raven Medicine

A wild commotion on the roof captured my attention. Going outside to investigate, I met up with a boisterous flock of ravens.

With their black-purple feathers glistening in the sun, the ravens stayed for quite some time, cackling and cawing, talking away, hopping along the roofline, soaring through the trees, circling around the house, dancing in the brilliant blue sky.

Never before have ravens landed on the roof. Along with the joy of this crossing of our paths, I was curious about our unexpected encounter.

Why had Raven so boldly shown up for a visit, absolutely impossible to ignore?

That morning marked the completion of several days of deep engagement in ceremony – returning Jasmine to her homelands, making changes with my medicine bundle and altar items to reflect the inner and outer changes in my life. I sensed the ravens had come by to participate, to honor and celebrate these passages, adding their gifts of magic, friendship, and delight.

Ravens don’t shy away from letting their presence be known. They’re fully in themselves, such pure and genuine Raven-ness expressed in everything they do. They’re so fully in the moment, entirely engaged in opportunities, interactions, and adventure.

In the bone bundle for Throwing of the Bones Ceremony, Raven brings the medicine of the Here and Now. Raven teaches about being centered in the here-and-now moment, our senses actively exchanging information with the worlds within and around us, our whole beingness aware, awake and alive.

‘Be here now’ is a common phrase, often heard and said. Yet the predominant ways of our modern-day world lead us everywhere but there. Our contemporary society is filled with distractions which scatter our attention, numb us out, keep us disconnected and distant from the here and now moments of our very own lives.

We’re distracted by busy schedules, multi-tasking, information overload, fighting against nature, wireless gadgets, stress, addictions, and fear.

We’re distracted by the future – getting lost somewhere out-there with fairy-tale thinking, with trying to control people and events to make them turn out how we think they should, with worries about disasters that could happen, with frustration and despair about what we’ve been told can’t be or won’t be.

We’re distracted by the past – rehashing what occurred yesterday, last week, and decades ago. When we give our power way to the past over and over again, it’s the past that consumes our thoughts and colors our emotions, disconnecting us from who we are, where we are, and what is actually happening in the current circumstance. We perceive ourselves, others, and daily situations through the lens of the history and how we felt back then.

For many of us, it takes intentional learning and skillful practice to bring ourselves and our attention to the present moment we are in. For many of us, much un-learning also needs to take place.

The Here and Now is where life is dynamically created and experienced. The Here and Now is the moment we have. This is where the universe of possibilities exists.

In the Here and Now, compelling questions get evoked. How do I really want to be, in this moment? What am I choosing to think and feel and say and do? How am I interacting and relating? What effect am I having on my own body, mind, heart and spirit, on those around me, on the web of life?

The medicine of Raven shows us the way to dive deep into the present – uniquely and genuinely being who we are, opening our senses, engaging and interacting, flourishing in the adventure, so curious and free, co-creating life in every moment.

In each present moment, who we are being and whatever we do imprints that time and space, builds momentum in a particular direction, and shapes the future. With every moment we live, we leave a legacy behind.

When we move through everyday life with our attention in the Here and Now, each moment is held sacred, ripe with possibilities, calling us to be purposeful with every choice we make, to be keenly aware of and responsible for our actions, thoughts, feelings and words.

In the way of the Raven, when we’re fully in ourselves and fully in the moment – free of distractions, unhindered by fears, untangled from the future and the past – we’re so alive with genuine passion and purpose, exploring, learning, communicating, relating. We’re easefully and openly sharing our gifts – no reason to hide or shy away from expressing our uniqueness. We freely and authentically contribute our part to the balance in the web of life. Such awakeness and awareness is the natural way of life on the earth, including for us two-leggeds.

Raven is calling us to awaken and remember, to boldly explore, experience and share, the boundless joy, curiosity and freedom, the intricate connections, the vast potentials, the harmony and love that are present right here, wherever we are, right now, in this moment.

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