HEART SONG with JoAnne Dodgson


“We’re seed carriers,” I said to Jasmine as I tenderly removed the burrs caught in her fur and tangled up in my wooly sweater. Seeds are ingenious, finding all kinds of ways to spread out to new places on the land. And there inside the seeds lives the essential blueprint for life. Holding the knowing of who they are. Of where and when and how to grow. Of the resources and relationships that help them flourish and thrive. Of the purpose of their existence and the possibilities of what may be.

Touching the wisdoms of the seeds, I felt the magic of being a Seed Carrier and holding vast creative potentials for new life.

Seed Carriers – that’s what we all really are. We carry fertile visions. We hold the vast knowing of our purpose and potentials. We set the momentum for growth in a particular direction, seeking out resources and relationships to nourish and sustain life.

With every thought we think, we plant a seed. With every dream we dream, we plant more seeds.

Our emotions are potent seeds. Our words and actions touch others, spreading out to new places on the land like those burrs who entwined with Jasmine’s fur and my sweater.

However it is we navigate our days, we may be spreading seeds colored with judgment. Or joy and happiness. Or stress. Or fear. Or acceptance and love. These seeds inevitably move about in the world, get picked up and passed along.

It’s our natural ability – and personal responsibility – to be attentive to what’s germinating inside us, being seeded with our choices, and touching others and the world.

What emotions, thoughts, ideas and dreams are you carrying around?

What are the seeds you want to plant and allow to take root? in your life? for all life? for the generations to come?

Nourish these seeds with all your heart so they flourish and grow.



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turtle2Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of mother earth to your heart,

JoAnne Dodgson

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