It all started with one stone. 

Just this one little stone. 

It all began in the autumn, a couple years ago, while walking under the stars with Jasmine, my beloved four-legged friend.  We had moved to a new house and were settling into our surroundings, finding our way through the transitions to a new time and place. 

In our walkabouts at night exploring the land, I kept passing by the trail which led back over the hill to our home.  I tried to pay more careful attention to the twists and turns in the dirt trails.  I looked for juniper trees, yucca plants, mountains and other landmarks to be the signposts.  None of this really worked. 

One night, I placed a white stone by the path so we could find our way back more easily.  That stone became a trusted guide, a shimmering light in the darkness, a way-shower for our journey home.

Since that autumn night many moons ago, the passages of life have brought about many changes.  Jasmine is now in the spirit world, a beloved companion forever she will be.  There have been beginnings and letting-go’s, awakenings and rememberings, dreams taking root and creative possibilities coming alive.

And take a look at what’s grown from that one little stone:


This has been a collective, communal creation.  A rather magical unfolding, in fact.  I’ve never met or even caught a glimpse of the other makers of the path.  And the path just keeps growing, hand by hand, stone by stone.  Following some natural inclination, we’ve joined together in building guideposts and leaving touchstones.  We’re never really alone.  There’s always connection and sharing in the journeys of our lives.

stones&flowersI marvel at the beauty and magic of it all when I walk along the path.  There are footprints and animal tracks, traces of those who’ve come before.  I feel the soulful intent of those yet-to-meet companions who’ve quested to find stones and carry them to the path and so purposefully set them in place.

This pathmaking is a sacred offering for ourselves and one another.  And like that very first stone, we each can bring the presence of shimmering light to show the way – so steady and grounded and clear.  With every step and action taken in the paths we create, there’s wide-open space for the organic outpouring of Love as we search and remember and find our way home.

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