Out of the Box

Out of the Box

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and battles so prevalent in our world, promoted loudly in the media, and habitually woven into our conversations. This tends to overshadow the immense love and great potentials that are present inside us, can be cultivated between us, and organically thrive in the web of life on our earth.

As humans, we’ve learned to rely on fear and anger as fuel. We hide behind facades. We let judgments shape our thoughts, activities, emotions, and words. We’ve lost touch with genuine love that is unwavering and unconditional. We resist the flow of natural cycles and ignore the magnificent beauty in ourselves, each other, and life itself.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are the creators of our human ways of living and relating. We can choose to let go of and dismantle what isn’t working, to untangle ourselves from toxic beliefs, behaviors, and things. This opens space to re-construct our lives with respect and care for our own and other’s well-being. Individually and collectively, we have the power to build loving ways of living, a harmonious and flourishing world.

Creative power ~ the ability to make and un-make things ~ is something we tend to shy away from. We are all creators of life, minute by minute, day by day, generation after generation. When there are changes we yearn for in our personal lives and more broadly in the world, we don’t have to give our power away by waiting (and waiting) for somebody else to do the changing. We have the natural ability to envision, imagine, sense and feel the changes we seek. We have the instinctive ability to nourish growth and transformation, to organically bring something new to life.

Change starts within us, you and me. We’re all creative. We’re all ingenious. We’re involved with change-making all the time. Our bodies engage in countless, intricate transformations with every breath we take, with every bite of food we eat, with every move we make during our everyday lives. Our minds and our senses are engaged with gathering information, learning, and communicating. Our spirits and hearts, our emotions and energy fields, are flowing, interacting, and relating.

Imagine harnessing this power and directing it purposefully into harmony, balance, love, health, happiness, and peace. Imagine living your life fully, with genuine expression of who you are, freely engaged in the pursuits of your purpose and passions.

What do you really want? What do you really really really want?

Give yourself permission to answer this question without any censorship. Free yourself from judgment and fears. You’ll begin to dig below the surface, beyond what you’ve been told what you should want, or mimicking what you’ve heard others say that they want, or silencing yourself because you’ve been led to believe you’re undeserving or that there are better-than and less-than dreams.

What do you really want – for your life, for the earth, for all life?

We are creators in our personal lives and our personal lives influence and affect all life. Who we are and what we do ripples out beyond us, touching, shaping, weaving the vast web of life. What is the life you want to live? What is the world you want to live in? What is the influence you want to have and the legacy you want to leave behind?

Out-of-the-box is where we need to venture in order to generate changes. Open wide your creative imaginations. Passionately dream new dreams. See yourself, others, life itself, from unique and diverse points of view.

What do you want? Your answers to this question are seeds which hold your genuine self-expressions, your heart’s callings, your passions and purpose in this lifetime.

Your dreams, the pictures you carry in your heart and your mind, are what guide how you live, the choices you make, how you relate, what you think and feel, what you nourish, build, and grow.

Your dreams are blueprints filled with information, like the knowledge carried inside a seed about who that being is (a pine tree or a wildflower), about how and when and where to grow, about relationships, environments, and resources needed to flourish and thrive.

The blueprint, the inner knowing, informs and guides the process of creation. Transformations and changes, made purposefully step by step, will bring the inner blueprint alive in the physical world. Let your dreams, your heartfelt passions, be your guide.

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  1. JoAnn…This is surely where life seems to be right now…experiencing all of this. At a point of movement again. Leaving a beloved place/home where I have raised a family. Got stuck in wanting to stay and see it’s not possible. I just can’t see yet where I am to go…I am quieting my mind and doings to hear where. My heart wants to stay and my partner wants to go. We seperated for ayear and we have come together again. A long marriage of 34 years and 5 children. I still question if we should live our lives seperately…I change my mind and thoughts about this from week to week. And life will change and my feetprints in the sand will disappear…and I will keep taking steps…

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