Opening Our Hearts

Opening Our Hearts

As we move through the shifting seasons with Solstice and the beginnings of a calendar year, we’re opening into new cycles. Such an intricate web of connections – each of us, our life passages, the new cycles connected with one another. Countless endings and beginnings weaving within us, between us, and all around.

New Year’s resolutions are a popular custom. Often the resolutions grow out of a sense of not-enoughness or failure. We make long lists of “shoulds” and “to-dos” tinged with hardship and struggle, trying to force the changes to take place. When our promises get broken, when we don’t measure up, we’re flooded with even more judgments than when the new year began.

Somehow, as humans, we’ve conjured up this notion that beating ourselves up, judging ourselves and others, make growth and healing happen.

So how would it be if we change the way we make changes?

What if we simply listen to the callings of our hearts?

This is what the Seeds do, resting beneath the soil until it’s time to dig roots into the earth and reach toward the sun.

Trees drop their leaves and Snakes shed their skins without any judgment of what has been.

When Baby Birds make their way out of the egg, they are leaving behind the entire universe they have known up until that moment in time.

Bears enter their winter hibernation and emerge again in the spring. Nothing better or less about any aspects of these passages in their lives.

When Whales and Sandhill Cranes migrate, they are moving toward what’s beneficial for their well-being now. It’s not expected that all others should be following the same path. The guidance, their choice of direction, comes from a knowing carried within.

We are part of this web of life. We, too, are constantly moving in an organic flow of transformation.

Where are you now? Where are you heading? How do you want to go about getting there?

It’s through our everyday choices that we build the whole of our lives.

What do you really really really want – for your life, for the earth, for the generations to come?

Let the passions of your heart be your guide.



6 Responses to Opening Our Hearts

    • Thank you, Karen! Here’s to magic unfolding in this new year… uncluttered! Love to you!
      Heart to Heart,

  1. This does seem to be the Zeitgeist, Joanne. This morning, just before yours, I read the blog of Jacci Gruninger *Yoga for Life,” and last night I listened to the rebroadcast of an lovely interview with David White, which ends with his talking about similar themes. I recommend both. Yes, Forgiveness is the Cosmic Solvent and Gratitude the elixir to a life of Peace. Let us all place those front and center on our inner altars this new year.

    This morning, as I rose into a grey day, with my nervous system hungover and my belly unsettled from last evening’s mild-mannered revelry with a few friend, I noted the tendency to let those minor complaints influence the way I met the day. It yielded a little poem, which I posted on my blog. Let us join in the aspiration to celebrate the enough-ness of what is in each moment. We start from where we are.

  2. Thank you, JoAnne, for a beautiful first message I’ve read, welcoming in the new year. And really, the only one I needed. Today I get to be in Song, being grateful and bringing forgiveness as I generate answers to your thoughtful questions. Passion, purpose, and play are big ones for me this year. Heart to Heart, Jennifer

    • How beautiful and inspiring, Jennifer…passion, purpose & play!

      Look forward to the beauty and magic unfolding in your life and in our world.
      Heart to Heart,

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