Healing from the Inside Out

Healing from the Inside Out

Whether we’re a human being, butterfly or tree, our growth and transformation involve intentional use of our energy. Without attentive care and nourishment, our pursuits of change and healing get disrupted and scattered, sabotaged, ignored and forgotten.

The ways of our modern-day world are filled with fear and distractions, teaching us to devalue and avoid our personal healing. We might find a band-aid approach in times of trouble, a quick-fix aimed at quelling the symptoms. Yet the methods are usually not sustainable. The results are not enduring. We inevitably find ourselves again stressed at home and work, anxious and depressed, unhappy in relationships, physically drained and sick, struggling with addictive patterns, trying to hide our discontent.

The gifts of flourishing and thriving, of standing centered in your own power, of living in love with life ~ your life ~ are beyond measure. The benefits run deep and ripple far and wide. Because your personal happiness, well-being and peace bring happiness, well-being and peace to the earth. Living in a heart-centered way creates a heart-centered world.

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When we disregard our inner world and side-step inward focus, we inevitably re-create the patterns we wish would be different somehow. In the decades I’ve worked with people in their healing journeys, it’s become so evident that lasting, sustainable change is built from the inside out.

A healing process which leads to the awakening of unconditional love that’s known and felt within, of self-awareness and acceptance, of the remembering of your inherent connectedness, of the claiming of your unique life purpose, passions and gifts, will naturally open the doorway for boundless possibilities and potentials to come alive within you and in your life.

It is a bold and courageous journey to engage in change and transformation in this way, exploring and investigating your inner world – the thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns, and lingering effects of old wounds. But this journey doesn’t have to be a hardship, doesn’t have to be traveled alone.

When there’s safe space for you and your process, there’s greater opportunity to delve in and explore, to root deeply in the changes made. In safe and sacred space, the effectiveness, exquisite beauty and richness of healing are more fully understood, seen and felt.

Connection with a caring mentor and guide, with the boundless healing presence of the Earth and Spirit World, and with a supportive community brings sustenance for the journey  ~ as  empowered self-discoveries unfold, as limiting beliefs and long-held patterns are released, as creative possibilities come into view, as courageous next steps are taken.

You don’t have to settle for a ho-hum existence or a band-aid approach to your healing. Open the doorway to the boundless potentials and possibilities for your life.

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