Medicine Card Readings

“THANK YOU SO MUCH, JoAnne. You have a beautiful gift and such a gentleness about you.” -J.G.

“The message that came through touched me really deeply and my perspective on the situation has totally shifted. It’s like my horizons have broadened and with that there is a sense of great possibility.” – S.B. 

“Thank you for the beautiful recording. It was just like you were here in the room, touching my heart.” -M.B.


Medicine Card Readings are given with my 70-card deck. Each card represents a Spirit who is in my sacred medicine bundle for Throwing of the Bones Ceremony.

Buffalo, Great Horned Owl, Whale, Elk, Butterfly, Cacao Tree, Bear, Rock People, Sandhill Cranes, Coyote, Sea Turtle…who will be your guide?

You may have an inquiry about relationships, health, home, money, projects, life direction and path. You may be seeking guidance for navigating changes, grief and losses. Your Reading can be an honoring of birthdays, graduations, weddings, retirement, and other passages and transitions. Medicine Card Readings can be gifted to family and friends.

For your Bone Spirits Medicine Card Reading:

(1) Choose from the Reading options below.

(2) Provide your question in the Instructions note on the invoice. If no question is submitted, the Reading can still be given.

(3) Medicine Card(s) will be drawn for your Reading. I will make an audio recording of the Spirits’ medicines, stories and guidance. The recording will be emailed to you. Please allow 48 hours.

It is my honor and great joy to share the healing gifts of the Spirits with you.

Choose Your Medicine Card Reading:



Bone Spirits Medicine Cards will soon be available for purchase! We are birthing the artwork and a guide book for this sacred divination bundle. Learn more about Bone Throwing Ceremony – the roots from which the Medicine Cards have grown.

Sample Bone Spirits Medicine Card

Ant Medicine ~ Building from the Inside Out

Ants carry pebbles of sand, one by one, from underground and place on the earth to build their anthills. Ants teach us about purposeful action-taking that is guided by inner knowing. This is the balance of the feminine and masculine.

Ants are calling you to build your dreams, your relationships, your everyday life from the inside out.

Art by PattyMara Gourley: Visit her etsy shop

Medicine Card Readings

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