Manaole U Manaole

Manaole U Manaole

The traditional greeting in the native language of the tribal peoples who live Ka Ta See is such a beautiful way to say hello:

Manaole U Manaole (mana ~ oh-l ~ oo ~ mana ~ oh-l)
(in English: from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart)

Inside this greeting lives the description of an ancient way of life. These few words hold a universe of understandings of who we really are, how we are connected, and of the relationships we naturally weave. With every interaction. With every exchange. In every crossing of paths.

This heart-centered greeting is quite different than our common “How are you?” Though the question can be filled with caring, it’s often said while rushing on to the next thing. The person asking isn’t really listening for much more than a sound-byte response.

And the person who’s been asked is expected to share some sort of evaluation or news report about their life. The frequent “I’m fine” is often devoid of much feeling or truth.

Even our most fleeting interactions get distorted by facades, competition, seeking approval, and fears of what others might think.

Feel again into all that’s being expressed in this traditional greeting:
Manaole U Manaole ~ from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart

What has touched me in learning this greeting is how our natural connectedness has nothing to do with determining who’s better or less, worthy of love or not.

With just a few words, in this heart-centered ‘hello,’ everyone is seen, honored and respectfully acknowledged. There is equity and harmony in the exchange. No need for news reports. No jockeying for power and approval. No questions and answers even have to be conjured up.

And our mother earth is understood to be an intimate companion, an integral participant, in every relationship we have.

So give it a try. Say the words out loud, if you’d like. For sure, say them on the inside. And feel the energy, the vibration, the medicine, in the words that you speak: from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart.

Whether you are greeting
your neighbors,
your friends,
your lover,
the person ahead of you in line at the grocery store,
the trees and rocks,
the four-leggeds who live in your house,
the rivers and lakes,
the prickly plant or poisonous snake you give ample space as you walk by,
the people with political beliefs that are different than yours,
the soil beneath your feet,
the sun, moon and stars.

We’re reweaving our connections and changing the world (inside us and all around) one ‘hello’ at a time.



2 Responses to Manaole U Manaole

  1. I been thinking about that passing “ how are you ? “ for the past couple of weeks . I often wonder what would happen if I really said what was on my mind . Although the person asking is usually barely still there by the time one is ready for a genuine answer . Thank you for expressing what’s in my heart . I am excited to try some love ❤️
    Manaole U Manaole

    • Thank you, Hadeel, for sharing your observations and ponderings. Look forward to hearing what happens as you share your heart.
      Manaole U Manaole,

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