Magic of the Dreamtime

Magic of the Dreamtime

“Your wants awaken your passions,” said Ka`Kao. “Your passions lead you to your dreams. Your dreams hold the remembering of what you love about life. Feel your aliveness. Feel the callings of your heart.”

~ from Spirit of Chocolate: A Woman’s Journey to the Rainforest in Search of Her Dreams.


Every lunar cycle is a new revolution in the moon’s orbit around the earth. The beginning of each lunar cycle takes place in the deep darkness of the No Moon or New Moon. Some traditions refer to this as the Dark Moon phase.

During New Moon, the moon rises in the east at dawn and sets on the western horizon at dusk. The moon is positioned between the earth and the sun. Backlit by the sun, the moon is hidden from our view. The moon is still fully present, just invisible to our human eyes and from our perspective on earth.

The New Moon we are experiencing this weekend is an eclipse – the third in a series of eclipses since July. The New Moon Eclipse accentuates the magic and power of the new beginnings and our entry into a new cycle. Eclipses open doorways to shifts and transformations. The ‘usuals’ are shaken up. Changes are evoked. We’re called to feel and acknowledge the awe and mystery of the universe, of life on our planet earth, of our personal purpose and path in this lifetime.

During New Moon, without the glow of moonlight, the night skies are very dark, a vast field of obsidian black. In this deep darkness, on a clear night, countless stars and planets are visible to our eyes. The New Moon resonates with the energy of winter, the inner callings, with quieting and focus on the unseen, the inner core, the underground.

In the rich darkness of New Moon, we are invited to open our minds and hearts to reach into the depths of our universe. We are reaching into the great mystery, the void, where all potentials exist.

During New Moon, if we listen, we’ll feel the calling to focus inwardly, to quiet and settle in the stillness, to reach into the depths of our own spirits, hearts, bodies, and minds. There is much to awaken and discover, to hear, feel, and sense, to connect, honor, learn, explore.

New Moon is a powerful time to vision and dream, to set intentions for the new cycle. Dreams exist in the realm of energy, the not-yet-manifested. Dreams are the blueprint for what will come into existence in our lives. Dreams are filled with information, with emotions and pictures, with thoughts and sensations. The blueprints guide what we build. The blueprints, the dreams, shape how we go about living our lives. Your dreams are powerful gifts to clarify and claim, to nourish and protect, to hold and remember.

Give yourself the gift of setting aside some time for dreaming and visioning during New Moon. What do you really want for your life, for the earth, for all life?

Write your dreams in a journal. Paint them, sculpt them, dance them, sing them – whatever helps you feel, picture, fully sense and embody your dreams.

Share your dreams with others, with gratitude, curiosity, appreciation for diversity, and respect for your own and others’ unique dreams and life paths.

Flourish in the magic of the dreamtime.


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