There’s Love in Letting Go

There’s Love in Letting Go

Change is in the air as we move into Fall here in the mountains in New Mexico. Summertime heat is softening as the nighttime air grows sweet and cool. Golden leaves are just beginning to color the cottonwood trees. Hummingbirds are passing through on their migrations south.

Autumn is filled with such dynamic expressions of endings, change, and transitions. There’s a natural dying away of what has served it’s purpose in this particular web of relationships, place, and time.

If we reach in and take a closer look, we’ll find that the earth has something to show us about how endings, death, and letting go are filled with Love.

When trees drop their leaves, they’re not shaking them off with disgust. They don’t resent the leaves, hold judgments against the leaves, blame the leaves for wrong-doings, disappointments, or not living up to expectations.

The leaves were created by the trees, appreciated and beloved by the trees, essential for the trees’ very existence. And then there comes a time when the leaves have served their purpose. It’s time for change, for transformation, for the leaves to be let go.

There is great ease in the trees’ releasing of the leaves. No blocking of the organic flow. No holding-on out of fear. No running away from the mystery of what is to come. The trees simply let go, freeing themselves and the leaves to continue on in the flow of their lives. Letting go naturally unfolds.  This is win-win-win for all involved.

As humans, we are often taught to fear change, to fight against death, to avoid and resist letting go, to divert the natural flow of life itself.

In the way of the trees, we can bring ease to the letting go. We can choose to bring alive inside us the feeling of acceptance, love and respect for ourselves and for whatever it is we are releasing and setting free. In the flow of your life journey, it may be time to let go of old unhealthy patterns; the effects of past hurts and woundings; inaccurate beliefs about self, others, the world; illness; addictions; stress; out-of-balance relationships; items that no longer are necessary for your everyday life.

Acceptance, love, and respect free us from fear and allow the letting go, the completion and endings, to unfold.

Trees don’t question the truths and beauty of who and what they are while undergoing life transitions, while involved with the letting go. We too can stay connected in a loving way with ourselves while in the midst of change. We can regard what is and has been with respect and honoring. We can give our gratitude, appreciation, and respect for what’s being let go of, for the sacred purpose this has served in our lives. We can welcome the mystery, reach toward the unknowns, sensing the adventure and possibility in what is to come.

Letting go is not the end of the story. In Autumn, when trees drop their leaves, the leaves move into a new way of being. They fall to the earth, blow about in the winds, float downstream in the river currents all the while feeding the soils and waters, providing homes for diverse beings, weaving new connections in the web of life.

For the trees, too, the letting go brings about transformation. No longer feeding the leaves, trees focus energy and nourishment inwardly to their roots, trunks, and branches, the foundational aspects of their bodies and being.

For us too, every ending is a journey, a dance, opening a doorway into a universe of potentials and possibilities. Every death opens sacred space for the new. Let Love be your close companion and guide.

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