What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Well, Love’s got alot to do with it… according to the Spirits in a Bone Throwing Ceremony.

Much more guidance was given than can be written about in one article, so this is the first part in a series on Love.

Please share your comments, questions and insights – here and with others in your life.

The awakening of genuine Love is a journey to be shared.

Part 1: Feel the Love

The Spirits describe humans as having a great passion for Love, for fully and freely experiencing, expressing, and sharing Love. Love is a natural part of life, an essential aspect of who we are.

Yet, we’re holding onto distorted beliefs about love which generate confusion, conflict, and pain around this integral aspect of our lives. Our beliefs about love are tangled up with shoulds and supposed-tos, obligations, expectations and fear. We’ve bound love with conditions and judgments, with win-lose propositions, seeing ourselves and others from better-than and less-than points of view, relentlessly sorting out who and what is worthy of love or not.

There is so much more to Love than this. Our hearts are calling us to remember.

The re-discovery of genuine Love begins, according to the Spirits, with claiming the wanting. Our hearts, bodies, spirits and minds yearn for Love, naturally. Yet we tone down, dam up, and divert our innate passions to live and love fully. We dare not look any closer at what we really want or allow ourselves to really feel. We distract our own and others’ attention with falsehoods and facades, with empty words and harming actions, with invasiveness and distancing, all in the name of love.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Before setting off on the quest for Love, we need to know what it is that we are looking for. The Spirits show that we carry an inner knowing of Love that is alive and flowing, free of conditions, judgments and fears. Love is woven in the very fabric of our being. This is really big Love. No one and nothing is exempt.

The key to waking up our own knowing of Love is to be present in the here-and-now moment. Not imprisoned in the past by old heartaches and fears. Not lost somewhere-out-there in a fairy-tale future. Rather, staying present in the here-and-now moment with open eyes and hearts and minds, setting aside assumptions and expectations, grounding in 3-d time and space, our linear and non-linear senses active and engaged, intentionally aiming to feel the Love we carry inside.

Love is in us – in our cells, our dna, the very fibers of our being. So Love is absolutely within our reach. It’s a matter of remembering and re-discovering. And holding the feeling, letting Love saturate our whole being. And choosing to return to the feeling anytime any place, no matter the circumstance. Being centered in Love, during everyday moments of our everyday lives. Sharing Love, whether or not any words are spoken aloud.

The more familiar we become with the feeling of genuine Love, the more readily we recognize when Love is truly present within ourselves, in others, in physical environments, in communications and interactions. We stop looking for, getting drawn toward, and playing out the distortions and facades. Love is an organic living energy, everpresent and flowing, a steady foundation in which to root.

Individually and collectively as humans on the earth, the seeking of genuine Love is a self-initiated, self-empowered quest. Like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, we are reaching toward our potentials, the passions and purpose of our lives, following the very callings of our hearts.

This powerful momentum is carrying us toward an entirely new existence. As we awaken Love from the inside out, we’re readying to spread our wings and take flight, broaden our horizons and explore whole new worlds. We’ll experience ourselves, our relationships, our participation in the web of life from out-of-the-box perspectives and completely new points of view.

In the midst of this remarkable metamorphosis, it is vital not to fall into habitual traps of hierarchy and judgment. Moving into new cycles is not about becoming “better-than.” There’s nothing “not-good-enough” about us, where we’ve been, where we are now. The quest for genuine Lovingness need not be trivialized, made overly sugary-sweet, or looked down on as “less-than” in the course of our daily lives. Healing and growth don’t have to be grueling tasks. Transformation isn’t a competition. This isn’t a battle or a race.

Like the emerging butterfly, our whole beingness is undergoing profound transformation. Where we’re heading, according to the Spirits, is immensely creative, harmonious and nourishing, delicious and beautiful, innovative and extraordinary, beyond our wildest dreams.

And quite simply, we’re awakening our natural way of life. Human beings, being Love.

more on Love coming soon…

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  1. I think the spirits really, really want me to get this self love. When one has wandered from such a thought or learns this view for the first time, a whole new journey begins and unfolds. Awareness of what prevents us from truly loving ourselves happens and then healing. At least, that is how it’s been for me. Much gratitude to the spirits who have awaken love in me!!

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