With Love, for my Dad

With Love, for my Dad

thumb_flying_geese1Dear Friends:

My dad is so often in my thoughts and memories, still bringing laughter, love and learnings several years after his death.

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to share an excerpt from “Sacred Dance with Death: A Daughter’s Journey.” If you’d like to read the rest of the story, please download your copy of my free ebook: UnLeashing Love.

In the years that have passed between then and now, I’ve been gathering up the lifetime of gifts you shared with me in your walk with death. I’ve learned that death has a way of amplifying passions, accentuating beauty, sharpening focus, and opening doorways for love. Death moves about in mysterious ways, catalyzing change and giving birth to renewal.

I’ve been exploring what all this means in our connection, you and me, father and daughter. Because here I am, still in a human body, doing earthly things, enjoying life on the planet. There you are, in spirit, moving about in vast unseen realms, in boundless worlds of knowledge and experience.

So it seems there’s a rich opportunity here – to get to know one another beyond all the labels we long carried since family roles, job titles, gender and age are most likely irrelevant where you are.

How would it be to unravel the bindings of the old aches and pains of the lineages we shared?

What if we set aside the well-ingrained habits that kept us safely hidden from one another’s view?

Imagine what it’d be like for our relationship to be centered simply in being who we really are. In the mutual sharing of acceptance, love and respect. In the joyful vibration of all those hearty belly laughs.

My sense is that you’re already there, Dad, flourishing in freedom. That’s where I’d like to be too. I want to know your vast spirit-being, honoring you as my dad and getting to know who you are beyond who you were as my dad. And I want you to know the vast spirit-being that’s me.

So here’s to embracing the gifts that are ever-unfolding in the sacred dance with life and death. Thanks for sharing this beautiful dance, Dad. It’s really an extraordinary dance.

Heart to Heart,

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