Into the Mystery

Into the Mystery

We’re moving into a New Moon, an organic new beginning. Whoever we are ~ human, tree, ocean, bird, migrating whales, hibernating bear ~ and wherever we are on the earth, we’re touched by the shifts that this new cycle brings.

Moving into a new beginning involves opening to the mystery. We’re stepping into new territory. We’re awakening new possibilities.

Though beginnings and unknowns are a natural part of life, we’ve often learned to fear the mystery. It’s not okay not to know. We fail in school if we don’t have the answer. We’re a failure in life if we’re ever uncertain about the next step in our path. We’ve been trained to fear what’s beyond, out of sight, and not yet manifested. Even if what exists is uncomfortable, unhealthy, disturbing, or inauthentic, we work hard to keep everything in place. At least we have something to hold onto, something familiar and known.

Yet, what I’ve come to see is that in most of our lives there are ways we naturally seek out the mystery. We thrive in the adventure of exploring, creating, and being engaged in diverse kinds of transformation and change.

Painting on a blank canvas. Writing the first words of a story. Setting off on an open-ended road trip. Hiking through new lands. Spending time with a new friend. Planting a garden. Nurturing the growth of a child. Considering somebody else’s point of view. Making a meal or playing music. Being a midwife to births and deaths. Watching the night sky. Sharing more openly from the heart with family and friends. Visioning and dreaming, reaching beyond what is known into the realm of possibilities.

When and where are you drawn toward the mystery and unknowns? What comes alive in you?

What would it be like to remember this feeling when fears about the mystery are getting evoked?

New Moon offers us an invitation to befriend the mystery. To allow space for the not knowing. To take a deep breath and feel with fresh eyes the sweet aliveness of all that can be.

Welcome your curiosity, your hunger to experience and explore. Play around for awhile in the realm of possibilities which is so incredibly vast.

Remember you too are a piece of creation, creativity, a co-creator of life.

And when you are ready…dream new dreams for your life, for the earth, for all life.

Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart,




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