Horse Medicine

Horse Medicine

>On the way home from a magical camping trip in Chaco Canyon, I passed by a sagebrush meadow filled with horses. If a snapshot had been taken of that moment – me in my car watching the world out my window along a dusty rural New Mexico road – it likely would not have appeared to be of any particular significance. Perhaps it was just an ordinary moment. But it’s there ~ inside the living of our everyday lives ~ that the extraordinary can be found.

A newborn pony was in the middle of the field, standing tall on her wobbly legs. Six adult horses were close-by in a semi-circle, forming an arc around the newborn. Another eight or so adult horses formed a second line, another semi-circle, a few feet behind the first group. Side by side, nose to tail, every adult horse stood absolutely still and steadily rooted, facing toward the newborn, entirely focused on the little one.

Instinctively, they created a protective holding space for the birthing. Collectively, they shared their unwavering presence to surround this new life. The field was saturated with the outpouring of sheer attention and pure Love.

And the little one was just soaking it in. No resistance. No unworthiness. Not a flicker of being undeserving. She openly stood in the field, breathing in the boundless acceptance, Love, and respect for her existence in the web of life.

The herd of horses was showing me the natural ways of giving and receiving, such a passionate flow connecting all those involved. No holding back. No pushing away. No shoulds or supposed-to’s. No obligations or debts.

I witnessed free and abundant outpouring in the giving. And inherently wide-open welcoming in the receiving. Uninterrupted and interactive. Win-win-win for individuals and community, for the new generation and the elders. Honoring and nourishing the continuance of Life.

All this rippled through and far beyond that sagebrush meadow. Beyond any physical fences or borders. Even touching a human driving by.

That momentary encounter a few summertimes ago left a lasting imprint. The medicine of the Horse continues to touch my everyday life, guiding me to learn the ways of giving and receiving that are genuine expressions, which create fields of connection filled with attentive respectful sharing, saturated with the outpouring and breathing-in of Love.

May Horse Medicine touch and teach you too.

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