Harmony in the Circle

Harmony in the Circle

In the native language of the Peruvian people who live the ways of Ka Ta See, there is no word for “judgment.” Take a moment to consider what this would be like – when judgment is not the lens or the language that shapes how you see, think, and speak about yourself, others, and the world. No less-than or better-than beliefs about yourself or anybody else. Respect and acceptance for everyone and everything.

This is an entirely different existence than many of us have learned to live. It may be difficult to find words to describe this, so search for the energy, vibration, and feelings. Reach to remember how living free of judgment genuinely feels.

This doesn’t mean we put on rose-colored glasses and pretend that everything is fine. Living free of judgments means seeing what is, just as it is. This is a wide-open embrace, filled with acceptance and love and clear awareness, that leaves no one and nothing out.

Ka Ta See is a way of life that has been lived and protected for many thousands of years. This is an ancient knowledge, a human way of life, that is being lived now on our planet. Though we may not have been brought up in this tribal way, we can learn to free ourselves from judgment. We can remember how to love unconditionally, to live in balance and harmony, if we choose.

The circle is a guiding symbol and dynamic in the traditions of Ka Ta See. Each individual is considered a whole circle, a complete being. Relationships are understood to be interconnected circles. Relationships among humans, between humans and animals, plants, and all forms of life, are constructed heart to heart, Song to Song, wholeness to wholeness. Without any loss of self. Without any expectations of anybody else to be anything other than who they really are.

There’s no better-than or less-than thinking. There’s no evaluation of who’s deserving of love or not. There are no derogatory insults, putting-down, blaming or shaming. Life, relationships, decisions are approached from a win-win-win point of view.

The tribal culture is described as a circle with women in the center. Women hold their own center, living their Song, being awake, aware, unconditionally loving. Women’s energy emanates out from the center of the circle, setting the foundation, the tone, the field, for the whole of the family, the community, the tribe.

In a Song-centered way of life, the center of the circle is filled with unconditional love and acceptance, with purposeful use of attention, with awareness in linear and non-linear realms, with aliveness and curiosity, with passion for living, with nourishment and care. Women are cultivating respectful and loving relationships with themselves, the other women, the children, the men, all the generations, the whole tribe, the vast web of life. Holding the center is women’s personal and social responsibility.

There is deep honoring of women, of the feminine, in the Ka Ta See ways. The feminine energy holds the blueprint for the continuance of life. Feel into this with the intent to explore and understand. This is very different than the less-than, devaluing concepts forced onto women, and which women adopt and impose on themselves and each other, in so many cultures, relationships, and social systems.

In the circle, men too hold their own center, the groundedness and knowing of their unique and individual Song. Men, masculine energy, defines the outer line of the circle, constructing and protecting the sacred space of relationship, family, community, tribe. Men take actions in the physical world to build safe and nourishing space to protect what is held in the center of the circle. They tend to the well-being of the women and children – the promise of the continuance of life.

In a Song-centered way of life, men are cultivating respectful and loving relationships with themselves, the other men, the children, the women, all the generations, the whole tribe, the vast web of life. Defining, constructing, protecting the circle is men’s personal and social responsibility.

There is deep honoring of men, of the masculine, in the Ka Ta See ways. Feel into this with the intent to let go of concepts about the masculine that are limited and confining. There is no better-than positioning, taking power-over, force, competition or domination. The understandings and expression of the masculine are an entirely different existence than what many of us have been taught and impose on and expect of ourselves and others.

I’m sharing here a very brief description of complex concepts and intricate relational dynamics. The exploration of the feminine and masculine in ourselves, in one another, in all life, in how we live and relate, is a lifetime journey.

To step out of the hierarchy, the ways we’re commonly socialized, and into a way of life that is based in harmony, balance, equity, and respect involves un-learning and letting go, awakening and rebuilding, and weaving a new web over and over again.

So search for yourself. Let this be an adventure, a sacred quest. Notice what happens, in any ordinary everyday moment, when you free yourself from judgmental thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is a new (and ancient) and natural way of life that we all have the capacity to awaken and remember, if we choose.

A heart-centered world is made by living in heart-centered ways – with every breath, with every word, with every thought, with every step we take. We can choose the ways of harmony, we can remember the ways of balance, and begin building a loving world in the now and for all the generations to come.

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