Gratitude from the Heart

Gratitude from the Heart

Gratitude changes everything. Giving gratitude is an honoring, a heartfelt acknowledgement, the wide-open receiving of the gifts.

Gratefulness is very different than robotically saying “thank you.” True appreciation is not about taking things for granted, feeling entitled, or resisting the receiving.

The more fully we cultivate genuine gratitude in the inner landscape of our own spirit, body, and mind, the more fully gratitude gets woven into the very fabric of our everyday lives, into our relationships, and into our world.

Words don’t even have to be spoken out loud for gratitude to be felt and shared. We can bring the energy alive on the inside and then purposefully direct this feeling-sensation toward who and what we are full-of-thanks for.

Life itself. The earth. The moon and stars. Our families. A new friendship. The beautiful sunset. A funny story. Inspiring artwork. Physical well-being. Financial resources. Our ancestors. The spirits of the land around our home. Nutritious foods and the animals and plants who’ve given the gifts of their lives for our nourishment. Stacks of wood ready for wintertime fires.

We can even intentionally awaken gratitude for the challenges in our lives. This grounds us in a field of acceptance and respect. This will color everything we see. Acceptance and respect generate a steady foundation from which all our actions will then grow.

From a centered inner space ~ grateful, respectful, unconditionally accepting of ourselves and all others ~ we’ll uncover deeper understandings. We’ll find clarity and a broader range of choices for what to say, feel, think, and do. We’ll activate healing and set ourselves free from judgments and limited points of view.

Thanksgiving need not be just a once-a-year event. Gratitude can readily be integrated into our everyday lives. Giving thanks touches everyone directly involved in the exchange. The appreciation and love that are felt and shared then ripple out, weaving gratitude into the web of life nearby and faraway.

Gratitude allows the passion of giving and receiving to continuously flow. Gratitude generates equity and creates balance. Appreciation opens our minds and hearts to freely receive the extraordinary gifts within us and all around.

What are you grateful for? Take a breath and take a moment to explore, reaching beyond your usual automatic responses. And then bring gratitude alive on the inside, filling your heart, your body and mind, and let this naturally flow and be shared.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Heart to Heart,


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