Goblins, Witches & Ghosts – Oh My!

Goblins, Witches & Ghosts – Oh My!

Haunted houses, ghosts and goblins, things that go bump in the night…‘tis the Halloween season!  The cob-webbed decorations, spooky masks, and graveyards sprouting up in stores and neighborhoods have gotten me wondering:  How is it we’ve come to believe the world of spirits is something or someone(s) to fear?

We all have a spirit.  Each of us is a spirit, actually.  We’re made of spirit, of energy, which has manifested into a unique human form for particular purposes, with certain intent.

Our spirit, our energy field, radiates far beyond our bodies in many dimensions.  Just like the whole beingness of every bird and rock and tree, of our planet, of our sun, of each grain of sand and all the stars.

So what are we so afraid of?  Our own vastness?  Our power?  All the Love that weaves connections within us and all around, between the physical and spiritual, the seen and unseen?  Do we fear all the magic we literally hold in our hands and can touch with our minds and bodies and hearts?

The thing is, there really is nothing real about the fears.  Fears are built on lies which keep us from knowing our selves and from living authentically.  Fears keep us disconnected from our innate relatedness, from experiencing what has been created and is being birthed, from the universe of possibilities present right here and now.

When we get untangled from the lies and reach through the veil and explore what exists beyond all the fears…well, just take a look, you’ll see.

What I’ve discovered is Life and Aliveness and Beauty and Knowings and Love beyond my wildest dreams.

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