Full of Your Self

Full of Your Self

“Full of yourself.” This generally implies wrong-doing, that your self-expression ought to be toned down, made less visible, maybe even silenced. Yet in the ways of Ka Ta See, an ancient lineage from the Eastern Andes, being full of your self is the essential foundation for building an authentic life.

Being fully your self ~ your mind, body, and spirit filled up with your very essence. Every thought you think, every word you speak, the energy you exude, the emotions you feel ~ all genuine expressions of you. The way an owl soars from the treetops, fully engaged in being owl, not trying (or wishing) to be anyone or anything else. The way puppies romp and play, exuding pure aliveness and absolute presence in the here-and-now moment. The way a child explores the world with boundless curiosity, reaching out to connect, tasting and touching, hungry for first-hand experiences. The unwavering focus of a jaguar on the hunt.

This is what the Peruvian elders describe as living your Song. You being you, for real.

If we’re not full of our selves, then what are our minds, bodies, and emotions filled up with? Someone else’s ideas about who we should be? Unresolved hurts? Addictions? Stress? Beliefs about love and success we’ve picked up somewhere along the way?

We spend so much effort, money, and time fighting against nature and the organic flow of life itself. We harm our bodies and fill our minds with distractions. We resist our purpose and passions, hide away our gifts, our beauty and brilliance. We fear love and diminish our power to manifest and create. We shape ourselves into something other than who and what we really are.

How can we find our way back home to our selves, to our unique and natural way of being?

Rivers are great teachers about the natural flow of life. Wild rivers create their own paths, dancing over rocks and around fallen trees, forming waterfalls and marshy wetlands, branching out into countless trickling streams. Rivers naturally flow with unbridled freedom, passionately finding their way. They’re heading somewhere on their own volition. Rivers flow in connection with the earth’s seasons, bringing nourishment to diverse beings, co-creating the cycles of life and death, engaging in change and transformation across great expanses of land, experience, relationships, and time.

To live like the rivers in our natural rhythm and flow, we first have to come out of hiding on the inside. Remembering and reclaiming who we really are. This is a self-discovery, something to find within and for ourselves. Each and every one of us has a Song. This knowing of who you are is always present inside, available to be remembered, reclaimed, felt and shared ~ anytime. It’s never too late to wake up, to find and feel our Song again.

Self-discovery and self-empowerment need not be approached as a struggle, as lonely and difficult tasks. Awakening your Song, living your Song, is an immensely loving way of being, a deeply connected way of life.

When living in Song, we’re naturally relating Song to Song, heart to heart, with the vast web of life. There’s respect, unconditional love and unconditional acceptance with ourselves, with other people, with animals and plants and rivers and insects and mountains, with the faraway stars and our planet earth.

Come join me in this journey of awakening. Feel your Song again. Allow your self to be whole again. Come back home to your heart.

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2 Responses to Full of Your Self

  1. Reaching out across these many miles with greetings……
    How I would like to participate in your program……alas……2000 miles away…..
    I enjoy, appreciate, and use your thoughtful messages…….all important learning tools
    I have been able to incorporate into my journey……it’s been rocky these last couple of years !
    From “resistance” to “reflection” to “reevaluation ” to “release” to”resolution” ……
    Ah…..this Re-flexologist is drawn to all the “r e” words…….
    Shout out to you, Rebecca Rodriguez……..
    good wishes all……..

    • So wonderful to hear from you, Elle. Thank you for sharing about your journey, so filled with healing and transformation.

      Soon there will be some offerings on-line, so those miles can be bridged and we can gather together in sacred space.

      Wishing you bountiful harvests and gentle transitions with the changing seasons.

      Heart to Heart,

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