Where Freedom Can Be Found

Where Freedom Can Be Found

Rocks are great holders of stories. They hold the stories of the earth for eons of time. They hold all these stories without any judgments, without any fears.

We are holders of stories too. Yet the stories we carry in our minds and hearts, even in the cells of our being, tend to be colored with self-doubts and blame, not-good-enoughs and better-thans, confusion about our lovability and worth.

From the perspective of the natural ways of the earth, these common themes in our stories are signs that something is out-of-balance, distorted, and misunderstood. The ways the rocks carry vast knowledge from lived experience – this is the way of the natural world. As humans, we often forget we’re part of the natural world, innately connected with the ways of the earth, co-creators of the web of life.

The beautiful thing is that when we do remember, we discover that we too can hold the knowings gathered up through our lived experiences without getting stuck in old wounds from the past. Forgiveness opens the doorway to our natural way of being. Steadily grounded and clear. Like the medicines shared by the rocks.

In an ancient Egyptian lineage, forgiveness is understood as a healing process which returns us to the state of being be-fore the giving of the injury. Forgiving is about remembering and reclaiming the unwounded self – our wholeness, the integrity of our being, the genuine fullness of who we really are. With forgiveness, we no longer define ourselves by the wounding, the emotional injuries or physical pain.

Forgiveness allows us to see what is and has been without judgment, fears, or disrespect of anyone or anything involved. Forgiveness reweaves our wholeness, broadens our perspective and awareness, and helps us find our way back to our center, remembering who we really are.

Forgiveness is about letting go – releasing ourselves and others from limited beliefs we once adopted and took on as truths. We leave behind resentment, anger, and regret, the repetitive rehashing of unresolved life events. Letting go opens space for the new in how we feel, think, relate, and live our current everyday lives.

This is not about putting on rose-colored glasses, white-washing, or pretending. If there’s violence or abuse, a difficult ending or loss, an illness or accident, a trauma of any kind, that’s important to be acknowledged, not buried and hidden away. Forgiveness is not about condoning harmful behavior, be that our own or others’ actions and words.

Forgiveness is filled with acceptance, with accountability, with enduring respect for the existence of what is and has been. With forgiveness, we regard ourselves and others, the world and all life, with open minds and hearts, with fresh eyes. From that clear inner space, we bring alive a universe of possibilities for how to think and feel, what to say and do. We’re more fully in the present, aware and engaged as we go about our daily pursuits, as we make sense of the happenings in our lives and in the world around us.

Forgiveness is a shifting that begins on the inside. If we are waiting (and waiting) for somebody else to do something to bring about resolution for us, we put the potentials for our own healing, the very power to find happiness, freedom, love, and well-being, in somebody else’s hands. When we initiate our own process of forgiveness, such innovative not-seen-before, out-of-the-box possibilities come into view. Our bodies, hearts, and spirits begin to relax, re-member, and settle back in to our natural ways of being.

Forgiveness brings us out of hiding and more fully into our lives. We reclaim precious attention and time when our energy is not drained by re-living old wounds or trying to outrun the past. We become centered in ourselves in the here-and-now time and space. We purposefully choose the thoughts and feelings that move through us. We explore, with curiosity, our experiences and search for the learnings. We respectfully honor the diversity of life all around.

Forgiveness is an act of self-empowerment and rich transformation, which ripples out and touches others, influencing life. Like the medicine of the rocks.

Reclaiming our wholeness, remembering our natural way of being, holding sacred the knowings we carry inside – this is where our freedom will be found.

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