Free Spirit

Free Spirit

I recently spent a night sleeping under the stars where I first fell in love with New Mexico. Surrounded by red rock mesas and that big big big blue sky, the spirit of the land has a compelling presence. I can feel it in my bones. It tugs at my heart. It always calls me back.

The deep quiet is what captured my attention the moment I stepped out of the car. Planting my feet on the ground, I soaked it all up and breathed it all in, embracing all I could see with wide-open arms filled with my gratitude and love. It’s curious how the sweet stillness and peace on the mesas wasn’t actually silence.

There was the raven who greeted me, cackling away, circling overhead. The winds swirled around the canyons and soared through the trees, dancing across the land. The songs of the cicadas wafted across the mesa, simmering like the summer heat. My footsteps crunched in the sandy soil alongside the soft pattering of a bat’s wings. Brilliant yellow and red cactus blossoms, the sunset and rising full moon, all added their beauty to the natural symphony.

What was absent was the rush of our human-made world. No traffic sounds. No hum of appliances. No emails, phone calls or text messages to check.

In such lush quieting, so much can be found. Touching untamed un-manicured wildness awakens the senses and beckons a deep remembering – of our own untamed, un-manicured spirit, as beautiful as the red rock mesas, as vast as the big big big blue sky.

My quest to the mesas was in honor of Jasmine, my beloved four-legged friend. She made her passage into the spirit world a couple summers ago. I spent the past weekend in ceremony to move her burial grounds from behind my house to the mesas – because Jasmine was so exuberantly in her element running wild and free on the land.

From the moment of setting the intent for this ceremony, everything unfolded magically. It was beautiful and tender. Filled with outpourings of Love.

Jasmine is now on sacred ground in her homelands while her spirit forever roams happy and free.

4 Responses to Free Spirit

  1. Thank you for your beautiful stories written from your heart.
    I am breathing in the beauty of the land and the aliveness of the stillness.
    Every word resonates in my heart.

    Song to Song.

  2. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your heart, Asta. Revisiting this story as it’s being shared with you brings the experience, and Jasmine’s spirit, so alive!
    Song to Song,

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