Flying Free

Flying Free

Perched on the edge of change, this little bird is just seconds away from taking her first flight.

Such a magical moment filled with aliveness, a focused stillness in the flowing rivers of life.


This bold and brave winged one was readying to take action and make a no-turning back choice – to follow instinctual callings into free and full expression of her being, of who she is now, of who she’s becoming.

Standing at the doorway between what has been and what may be, she’s aiming directly into the great mystery, a sea of boundless possibilities, the passions and purposes held crystal clear in the blueprint for life she carries within.

In the natural movement of cycles and change, the initial step didn’t get her all the way to the final destination.


She first landed on the earth, got her feet on the ground. Then once again, she spread her wings and found her way into the trees.  With every landing, with each moment in flight, with every discovery of her not-before-experienced abilities and this not-yet-explored world, the endings and beginnings, the letting go and rich awakenings, were intricately interweaving as she continued on her way.

The winged one’s journey required self-empowerment, to take action on her own behalf, to personally choose…yet she wasn’t alone.


Just take a closer look at the witnesses to her sacred quest, so curious and attentive, peering out from the nest.

Beloved companions in the dance of life, all respectfully free to move along in their unique rhythm and pace.



Beyond the nest, the circle of connections was wider still.  The mama and the papa birds were in the trees, singing away. A flock of other adult birds were circling around in flight. Some visible, some unseen, the way-showers and guides were everpresent and lovingly watching over.

Because it was time. She was ready. The elders knew. And so did she.

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    • Hi Barbara. Thank you for your kind words. I am forever inspired by these little winged ones.
      Heart to Heart,

    • Hi Debra! It’s so beautiful to feel and share the preciousness of life, the beauty all around.

      Heart to Heart,

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