Throwing of the Bones

Peruvian Healing Art & Divination Ceremony

“I’ve had many readings in my life and the Bone Throw was definitely one of the very best ever – from the power, the beauty, the interpretation, the intuition, the tradition, the accuracy – amazing!”  – T.C.


Bone Throwing in the ways of Ka Ta See is a Calling of the Spirits Ceremony, an ancient divination and ceremonial healing art. Bone Throws offer guidance and doctoring from the sixty-plus Spirits in the bone bundle. Experience the exquisite beauty and power of this ancient healing ceremony during our gathering.

Community Events

Live On-Line Throwing of the Bones

video available soon


Spring Equinox Ceremony ~ Throwing of the Bones

Saturday, March 18 • 2pm

Carnelian Center in Dixon, NM

donations appreciated


Ceremonial Pipe-Making Workshop

A very special opportunity to learn the sacred art

of carving your personal ceremonial pipe

Making a pipe with your own hands, having direct experience with the spirits and medicines involved, is a powerful process. Ceremonial pipes are ancient healing tools which open pathways to communication with the spirits, mother earth, ancestors, the web of life, and your deepest inner knowings. Your ceremonial pipe can bring you a lifetime of gifts, of healing and transformation. Every step in the journey of making a pipe is filled with opportunities to learn and explore, deepen your connectedness, open your mind and heart.

Saturday, March 11, 2017 

If you feel inspired to attend the workshop, please send me an email and tell me about what is calling you to the pursuit of pipe-making and having a ceremonial pipe. Registration information will be sent to you.

Space is limited. Registration will close when workshop is filled. 


Peruvian Pipe Ceremony

Dream a new dream…for your life, for the earth, for all life

New Moon is the initiation of a new cycle, a powerful time to set intentions for new beginnings. We will be sharing a pipe ceremony in the traditional ways of Ka Ta See. Come join in sacred healing space for connection, guidance and support.

Our ceremony is held with deep respect for the Peruvian lineage and gratitude for the elders who gave the gifts of their teachings for humanity’s awakening and to bring balance to our earth.

New Moon Ceremony

Saturday, March 25  •  2pm

Carnelian Center in Dixon, NM

donations appreciated


“The medicine at your ceremonies is quite powerful. It’s as if all the intentions I put forth during the ceremony are coming to fruition.” -M.F.

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