Deep Nourishment

Deep Nourishment

What are you hungry for?  Physical nourishment is an essential part of the answer, although not the whole story.  What about your mind?  Your heart?  Your spirit?

What are you hungering for?   

In the rush of our modern-day world, we rarely give much attention to this question.  We’ve learned not to listen to the passions, dreams, and knowing of life purposes that we carry inside.  We’re told what it is we should want and do and be, what’s supposed to make us happy, healthy, lovable, successful and free.

In those beautiful moments when we get an inkling about the calling of our hearts, often confusion, fear and judgments get in the way and keep us from speaking this outloud and taking actions to awaken this in our lives.  We not only avoid the question, we shy away from the answers, because we’ve been led to believe we’re not deserving of all the joy, freedom, love, richness, learning and adventure we’re passionately yearning for.

So we settle.  And give up.  And give in.  And use all sorts of addictions to hide and numb out  — sugar, stress, busy-ness, alcohol, prescription medications, following someone else’s dream, getting lost in virtual realities (to name just a few) — which leave us physically malnourished, emotionally drained, and spiritually starved.

What are you hungry for?

Listen to the callings of your heart, your body, spirit and mind.  Begin this sacred quest from a peaceful and centered inner space.  With a sense of adventure.  No self-judgments.  No failures.  No better-thans or less-thans.  No shoulds and supposed-to’s.  No preconceived pictures and expectations.

Dive deep into your discoveries.  Get to know, remember and reclaim the passions and purposes of your being.

Nourish what you discover with loving attention and respect, with intentional choices and creative actions shaping each next step in your journey.

This is you being you, awakening and living your truths, nourishing happiness and well-being holistically.  This is the pathway for thriving, for weaving a flourishing web of life.

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