Dance with Life

Dance with Life

Full Moon and Solstice are joined closely this month. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re in the heart of summertime. In the Southern Hemisphere, we’re in the heart of wintertime. Wherever and whoever you are on the planet, each and every one of us experiences the same cycle of the moon.

What a beautiful time to feel our connectedness.

Here we are on the earth with a moon who circles around us shaping the natural cycles in our bodies and on our planet. Here we are on the earth circling around a star who brings light to our planet from so so so far away. Here we are on the earth spiraling through the galaxy for just a flicker of time in this particular choosing of our purpose and form – human, rock, whale, redwood tree, hummingbird, elephant or frog.

Let yourself feel the awe. Marvel at the mystery. Reach within and far beyond to touch the vastness of life.

In diverse cultures through our human existence on earth, we have built immense structures based on intimate knowledge of the relationship of our earth and sun. We’ve created ways of marking and tracking the particular transition with Solstice.

What is it about the Solstice that is so compelling to us, so vital to honor? In our contemporary instant gratification, electronic gadget, rush-around world, we’ve forgotten much of this knowledge. We’ve buried and learned to fear our connectedness with the flow of life, with our own bodies and hearts and spirits, with the earth and cosmos within which we live.

It’s time for the remembering. Give yourself a gift this Full Moon and Solstice. Slow down. Feel the shiftings. Watch, listen, and observe.

Get your feet on the soil. Gaze into the night skies.

Be curious. Enjoy the adventure of opening your eyes, mind and heart a little bit wider. Explore. Leave plenty of space for not knowing.

Flourish in the wonder and awe. Love the beauty and the mystery.

Remember who you are here on earth and among the stars.


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