Coyote & Magpie: Giving Us Wings

Coyote & Magpie: Giving Us Wings

In our recent Throwing of the Bones Ceremony in Pagosa Springs, there was helpful guidance from Coyote and Magpie about how we can navigate these changing times on the earth.

The medicines of Coyote and Magpie are being shown as our wings which empower us to take flight. These medicines are essential tools, gifts, and ways of being for making our way through the passages of change.

We have a choice, according to the spirits. We can give up and give in to the out-of-balance dynamics, systems, structures and beliefs. We can take a powerless stance, feeling inadequate and incapable of making any difference. Devaluing ourselves and life. Giving our power away. This approach is described as a crash landing, an inevitable flow into the destruction and extinction of our own and others’ lives.

Or we can activate the medicines of Coyote and Magpie to set the momentum of change in another direction. We can participate in the dying away of well-embedded patterns of judgment, violence, and fighting against nature. By releasing these heavy weights, we free ourselves up to take flight – with passion for living, with a sense of adventure, with wonder about what lies ahead beyond the known horizon.

Coyote Medicine

Coyote is a teacher about perseverance. For many generations, humans have tried to eliminate coyotes. Yet the coyotes haven’t accepted this agenda for their lives. Even with harsh judgment and extensive harm directed against them, the coyotes haven’t gone to war against the humans.

They simply go about being Coyote.

Coyotes flourish and thrive in all kinds of climates and terrains. They have accomplished this by staying true to themselves, by seeking the passion of their own existence. Coyotes haven’t given in to others’ harmful agendas. Coyotes do not define themselves by judgments, misunderstandings, and fear.

Coyote is calling us to claim the passion for our own existence, to seek the aware and awake knowing of who we really are, of who and what the earth really is, and the gifts of life itself. There is purpose in our presence on the earth and in the web of life. No better, no less, than anyone else. Our inherent connectedness and belonging have been forgotten and left behind.

Coyote guides the way to live this remembering, to live centered in the genuine and unique expression of our humanness – unencumbered by internal or external judgments, disrespect, and fears.

Coyote is calling us to be innovative and ingenious, to be adaptable to changing climates, to openly explore the diverse terrains, relationships, and ecosystems of our lives. Coyote shows us the way to join up with the web of life that we naturally are a part of – rather than separating, disconnecting, damaging without regard.

Coyote calls us to find our pack, to generate collaborative relationships, to explore together this time of flight into the mystery and the making of the new.

Coyote is guiding us to communicate with each other, with all forms of life, about what we discover and how we find our footing as we move through endings, step into the new, navigate challenges, and rebuild our lives and our world.

Flourishing and thriving are personal and collective endeavors filled with unshakeable passion for the living of life.

Magpie Medicine

Magpies are always up to something. They are playful, intelligent and curious. They have an intricate and imaginative language, sharing about their observations and discoveries. Their brilliant feathers have a shimmering radiance, a hint of the magic raining down from their wings.

The medicine of Magpie is vital for our flight into and through these changing times on the earth. Magpie medicine is also essential to hold as you navigate personal changes (e.g., health, home, relationships, births, deaths, other life transitions).

Magpies are guides to awakening our sense of adventure, feeling our curiosity and delight, remembering the magic and mystery that are always around.

When we approach changes as hardship and drudgery, as tedious burdens, as something to be dreaded and feared, these energies and emotions will flavor all that we do, all that unfolds during the process, and where we end up.

When we approach endings and beginnings, challenges and the unknowns, with a sense of adventure about what we will encounter and who we will meet, about what we will learn and discover and decide to conjure up – these are the energies that will color our thoughts and emotions, shape the actions we take, guide the course of our flight, and be imprinted in all that unfolds.

Magpie is calling us to awaken our wide-open curiosity, our playfulness and love for adventure, and the seeking and making of magic.

Magpie shows us that if want to build a world filled with harmony, joy and love, we have to be feeling these energies, remembering and living them, honoring and recognizing them, and communicating harmony, joy and love while we’re building.

So when you find yourself mired in the muck of taking yourself and life too seriously, bring Magpie medicine alive. Remember the times in your life that you approach changes, challenges, and the unknowns with a sense of adventure, with curiosity and wonder, with openness to the unfolding. Heading off on a roadtrip. Planting a garden. Meeting new friends. Beginning an art project. Playing music. Baking a pie. Watching the sunset. Creating a ceremonial altar space. Opening a new conversation. Witnessing the growth of your children and grandchildren.

Let the remembering fill and flow through you – embody the medicine of Magpie – and bring this into the current circumstances.

Whatever is alive inside you ripples beyond and touches everyone and everything. So even in such a seemingly simple moment – remembering the feeling of open-hearted curiosity, the adventure and magic in life – you’ve created a shift that radiates on and on, flowing from the inside out.

Manaole U Manaole,

from my heart to the heart of the mother earth to your heart,

6 Responses to Coyote & Magpie: Giving Us Wings

    • You’re welcome, Sarah. Thank you for your presence in the ceremony.
      Manaole U Manaole,

  1. Reading that really changed my whole outlook. I love Coyote and Magpie! Those words are so full of practical wisdom. Thank you! Much love and blessings.

    • Thank you, Susan, for sharing your love for Coyote and Magpie! I too deeply appreciate the medicine and guidance they are offering us.
      Manaole U Manaole,

  2. JoAnne,

    This was EXACTLY the message I was looking for today!!! Perseverance has been a strength I have nurtured for much of my life. Adventure is a new way of life for me and I’m loving it!

    • Hi Sharon. Such a joy to feel the passion of your Adventure. Here’s to you flourishing and thriving…which ripples on and on and touches all life.
      Heart to Heart,

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