Calling All DreamMakers

Calling All DreamMakers

Magic is happening this new year.  The first day in the first month in our new calendar year joins up with the initiation of a lunar cycle, the New Moon.  The momentum for new beginnings is richly amplified – a new revolution in the dance of life on the earth, a time for seeding what it is you really want to grow.

What a resounding invitation to dream.  To openly explore the universe of possibilities.  To intentionally choose what you want to manifest and create.  To claim what you want to dive into more deeply, to experience, awaken, discover, and share.  Freedom?  Happiness?  Health?  Loving relationships?  Financial well-being?  Peace on Earth?

It all begins in the dreaming.

With the modern-day ritual of new year’s resolutions, we tend to overlook the purpose of visioning and ignore the power of our dreams.  Resolutions often are fueled by nagging discontent and a haunting sense of lack which get all tangled up with self-imposed pressures to have new plans in place on January 1st, or maybe by the 2nd, or for sure on that Monday after the holiday season ends.

We write long lists of restrictions and conjure up ways to police our own (and others’) behavior, trying to enforce compliance with rigid rules.  We measure our success as human beings, evaluate our love-ability and worth, with vigilant counting of calories, number of friends, dollars in the bank, minutes in meditation, hours at the gym, and digits on the bathroom scale.

This approach to change is not sustainable.  Most resolutions don’t get fulfilled and are readily forgotten, with a big dose of guilt, until the next new year rolls around.  This inevitably leads to self-judgment, a sense of failure, and the recycling of same old same-old repetitive patterns.  Nothing really new.

The initiation of new cycles which generate real change are deeply rooted in the dreamtime.  Seeking and finding the authentic blueprints for who we really are and what we want to build.  Exploring new ideas, inventive possibilities, genuine ways of being and living and relating.

So dream new dreams.  And passionately open your heart and stretch your mind, reaching into the beyond where boundless potentials are waiting, readying to be birthed.  Welcome the visions of what’s not-yet-manifested with acceptance for all that currently exists, with loving respect for all that has been.

Dream your dreams with bold imagination.  In wild and passionate color.  Creative out-of-the-box thinking.  Exquisite details.  No holding back.

Just like the natural cycles of the earth and the moon, we too can set in motion new revolutions without any resistance, without going to war against ourselves or anybody or anything else.

It all begins in the dreaming.

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    • So lovely to hear from you, Joan. Wishing you a beautiful new year, all your dreams coming to life!

      Heart to Heart, JoAnne

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