Big Happy

Big Happy

During our recent Lunar Eclipse, a little puppy came into my life. Her name is Chaco. This was an unexpected happening. I had a long list of reasons why I wouldn’t have another dog since Jasmine, my beloved four-legged friend, made her passage into the spirit world.

The way I ended up bringing home a puppy is a story filled with magic and beautiful kinships. She is named after Chaco Canyon here in New Mexico, the ancestral lands of tribal peoples who left behind sacred sites, petroglyphs, and many mysteries about their lives among the red rock mesas.

My relationship with Chaco Canyon came alive three years ago during a Solar Eclipse in the spring. The entire journey ~ from the moment I began packing the car to my return home a few days later ~ was filled with heart-opening and magical connections with the land and spirits. The memories and experiences nourish, teach, and intrigue me still to this day.

I spent the bulk of my time in Chaco Canyon sitting in a rocky cave carving a stone pipe. Over the years, this ceremonial pipe has brought powerful healing medicines into my life and into the community gatherings in which the pipe has been shared.

So here I am now, with Chaco, the two-month old puppy. Our days are shaped by her rhythms of eating, playing, and napping. She is entirely exuberant about life.

Puppy love is contagious. So much Happy lives in her little body.

Which has gotten me to wondering: Where has all our happiness gone? Why has happiness become something we, as humans, so readily leave behind? And even more important – how can we get it back?

If we want something to change, it’s up to us to do the changing and be the change. So imagine what would happen if we purposefully included even just a few more minutes of happiness in each of our days. We’ll soon multiply many times over the amount of happiness felt inside us, shared in our relationships, and filling our world.

There are many shades of Happy. Gentle and quiet, like the sweet peace found walking along the beach at sunset. The excitement of heading off on a long-anticipated adventure. Feeling grounded and centered. The delight of a delicious meal. The satisfaction of completing a project. Dancing, singing, getting immersed in creative expression. Doing what you love to do. Being with those you love to be with. Receiving and giving nurturing touch. Even memories from the past can bring happiness alive in the here and now moment. Smiles and belly laughs travel across time.

Happiness connects us with our natural ways of being and can’t help but be shared. Like Chaco, the little puppy, we too can bring the Happy to life. Big Happy = Big Medicine.


13 Responses to Big Happy

  1. Sweet!! I’ve been a believer that happiness is what we seek. But then, maybe not. Happiness seems to have gotten lost in the life rumble . It feels so good, though, it seems only natural to desire it.
    I smiled & giggled reading your story about the puppy, living a moment of happiness with it all. Thanks for a happy start to my day!!

    • So great to hear from you, Marlys. I’m so delighted to share a moment of happiness with you!
      Heart to Heart,

  2. JoAnne, i was hoping to read of the actual events that brought the puppy into your life. Can you share the details? im sure they are delightful.

    also, did you name the dog Happy?

    🙂 emma

    • Hi Emma. So lovely to hear from you. There were many threads which eventually wove together that brought Chaco into my life. One of them was purposefully ‘calling her in’ one night – holding in my heart and mind the intent of finding the puppy who was to come be with me – and then next morning is when we met!

      Heart to Heart,

  3. What a wonderful proclamation for this new day. I can feel your happiness; and your references brought back memories of the belly laughs we shared as well as your extraordinary experience at Chaco.
    Heart to Heart

  4. I would love to hear more about hat brought you both together. I too, lost my four legged baby named Jasmine 2 years ago and I still miss her all the time. I’m not ready for another yet but maybe in time.

    • Hi Dani. Wishing you much gentle healing around your loss with Jasmine. It sounds like you still have a close loving connection. I too miss my Jasmine and feel her spirit around.
      Heart to Heart,

  5. I know what would make Chaco even more happy than happy….
    The Peruvian Bone Throwing Ceremony!! 🙂

    I love life with our dog, as you know there is just such a sweetness that is bought to the home from the moment they enter the threshold. All the best to you JoAnne.

    • Hi Catherine! Chaco is already starting her own collection of bones…and yes, more happy than happy!! I remember the very loving connecting you’ve described with your dog. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your open heart.
      Heart to Heart,

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