Beautiful Beyond Words

Beautiful Beyond Words

I’m just returning home from a journey in Arizona.  The momentum for these travels was seeded in my desire to share the ceremonial ways with new communities.  From the very beginning, even in the dance of piecing together an intricate puzzle involving events in three cities and finding places to stay, there was such kindness, warm welcoming, and quirky magical happenings.  And these delightful energies flavored the entire trip.

It was so inspiring to spend time among saguaro cactus, soaring hawks, and red rocks.  I met a 100-year old desert tortoise and sat in the deep stillness of the high mountain peaks admiring the crescent moon and shining stars.  What a privilege to gather in circles of people and share ancient healing ceremonies filled with empowerment and awakening, loving connections, courageous searchings, passionate dreams, and vast spirit presence.

One particularly special gift of this journey was an afternoon spent with my sister and our uncle who is preparing for his dying.  (To give you a glimpse into his approach to all this:  he just had a Celebration of Life gathering with family and friends because he didn’t want to miss the party!)  The next afternoon, we met in the hospital where he was receiving a medical treatment.  Despite the circumstances and the location where we sat, the time we spent together was anything but sterile and drab.  My uncle reminisced about his adventurous world travels.  We shared old family stories and the happenings in our current lives.  We talked about when we could get together again.  The gratitude of our connections, the delight-filled love woven between the three of us and among others in our lives, was palpable.  Beautiful beyond words.

And our loud belly laughs caused a bit of a stir.  A nurse came in the room and asked us to keep our voices down.  Yet when making this request, the nurse was beaming a bright smile – an obvious change from his rather serious demeanor when we’d first arrived.  Over the next couple hours, I noticed that all the nurses checking my uncle’s vital signs and doing other medical tasks had become so much more friendly and conversational.  Joy is contagious!

Just imagine the lives we’ll live and the world we’ll create when we choose – moment by moment – to share genuine connection, to feel our gratitude, to express caring and love, to be happy and feel our joy.

We are always touching others, even those beyond our view, with every feeling we feel, with every thought we think, with every action we take, with every belly laugh.

The joy of knowing my uncle all these years, and the special gifts of this particular afternoon, have shown me the boundless power of Laughter and Love.  What an extraordinary legacy to leave behind.

8 Responses to Beautiful Beyond Words

  1. You are an embodiment of the joy and sweetness that you shared with us in your story, truly earth mother nourishing, inspiring and illumining! All praise and love to you. Mary

    • Hi Roz. Stories come so alive in the sharing…thank you for your warm welcoming of them.

      Sending so much joy and peace to you too.

      Heart to Heart,

  2. Dear Joanne,

    Thank you for sharing so profoundly, the beauty unfolding
    through your love and light. Delighted to see you sharing your
    gifts and planting new seeds in communities thirsty
    for what you have to offer!

    Deep Blessings,


  3. Thanks Joanne for bringing joy and laughter to all places and institutions! I too love to laugh and have (had) some good uncle stories as well! My daughter is a labor and delivery nurse in NM on the Rez and has recently switched from being a cardiac nurse. She has a big infectious laugh and I know this is music for many at her workplace! Thanks for sending us another love letter and I feeel our paths will cross some day! Big hugs and gratitude…Tess

    • Hi Tess. Always a delight to be in touch with you. I too trust our paths will cross in person someday. You and your daughter bring beautiful gifts to so many.
      Much gratitude and love,

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