Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

Equinox is the balance which naturally unfolds during the shifting seasons. The Equinox’s balance is created by the relationship between the earth and the sun, the natural cycles of life, the passionate flow of change. Here, north of the Equator, we are moving into Fall. South of the Equator, Spring is awakening. Wherever we are, we are immersed in such vast inter-weavings of endings and new beginnings, transformations and dynamic balance unfolding all at once on the earth.

It’s often a challenge to find our rhythm in this dance with life, through the changes always at play within us and all around. It is quite a learning (and unlearning) to navigate transitions with ease and balance, without resistance and fear. Our human-made assumptions, expectations and judgments tend to box us in.

Thankfully, our earth is such a trustworthy guide. I often recommend that people seek out teachers in the non-human world for guidance through the sacred passages of personal healing, growth and change. Trees are great teachers, the way they drop their leaves and allow the dying-away with such beauty and ease, even colorful celebrations. Snakes shed their skins, letting go of what has been, in order to fully flourish and thrive.

For me, a few years ago, it was some unlikely tumbleweeds who helped me find my way.

Touching the world of the tumbleweeds has allowed me to feel what it’s like to naturally embody change. These wild nomads of the desert readily transform and playfully tumble around in their dance with life and death, all according to their unique, ingenious design. Tumbleweeds know about rooting themselves only when and where it’s nourishing. And they intentionally move on from what-has-been when the cycle is complete, when that purpose has been served, honoring it all with their ease, lightness and quirky grace. Tumbleweeds have shown me how to call in the winds to let old attachments go.

The prickly brown tumbleweeds easily pull away from the sandy soil and I carry them toward the open mesas, huge billowy armfuls of sundried plants held over my head. I place them on the ground on the other side of the fence so they’re lying now on wilderness lands – free to dance with the elements and join up with the winds and continue on their way.


Excerpts from ‘Unleashing Love: Medicine Stories to Feed Your Spirit and Awaken Your Heart’

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