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Loving Changes

Loving Changes

When the pain and sorrow in the world feel overwhelming, the passion for making changes tends to fade. A sense of powerlessness drains vital energy. The dreams for a loving world feel out of reach.

Yet, what I’ve discovered about love is that it is enduring. Love exists, abundantly. It’s already here – all around us, in the forests and the rivers, in the sunlight and the stars.

Love is already here – living inside us, in the very fabric of our being, in the blueprint of who we really are. We’ve forgotten. We’ve misunderstood. We’ve been lied to and misled. We’ve been hurt and are hurting. Love has gotten buried beneath tangled-up layers of wounding, stress, judgments, and fear.

Not-loving goes against nature. It takes immense amounts of energy, time, and resources to maintain a not-loving way of life. All the battles against ourselves and our own bodies. The words used as weapons. The pointing of fingers to blame and shame. The warring between countries and politicians, between races, religions, and gender groups. The physical and emotional walls we build, with conflict and confusion about who’s allowed in and who should be kept out. The harm, disrespect, and desecration of our earth. 

These ways of not-loving have been going on for centuries and passed on through the generations. Yet, as we can see, our human-made out-of-balance world is tumbling down and falling apart.

Love is a healer. The power of love is underestimated, likely because we’ve lost touch with what love actually is. Love, in it’s essence, is a steady, unbroken, continuous flow. Love is the energy of creation, of interconnection, of respect, acceptance, clarity, awareness. Love is an all encompassing embrace. Love sees. Love dances. Love heals. 

Love simplifies things. It’s our nature. When we remember love and feel this, settle in and allow love to be, we rest safely in the assurance of the presence of love. Love flows from the inside out, sharing, interacting, exchanging, transforming.

Love is organic. Love grows when it’s nourished. Weaving a loving world begins with a single glistening thread.

So what would happen, today, if each of us made one loving choice? 

Accept yourself, just as you are.

Accept others, just as they are.

Seek understanding (not necessarily agreement or consensus) in a situation that is usually emotionally charged.

Support the well-being of a plant, animal, river, garden.

Find your joy.

Respect the existence of what is, just as it is and has been.

Honor diversity – listening, observing, learning.

Find language that doesn’t imply judgments of “better-than” or “less-than.” Notice how you feel when you think and speak with these words.

Let somebody know that you care.

Dream wildly and freely. Share your dreams with others, for your lives, for the earth, for all life.

Listen with curiosity, setting aside the habit of jumping to conclusions.

Fully receive – a kindness, a deep breath of fresh air, healing touch, nourishing food, a gift, the love and respect someone offers you.

Consider another perspective, explore a different point of view.

Engage in creative expression – art, music, writing, cooking, dialogue, dance – free of judgment.

Rest when you’re tired.

Clear away toxins – a harmful word in your vocabulary, a harmful substance in your diet, a plastic bottle left on the ground.

Acknowledge and respect natural cycles – seasons, moon phases, births, deaths, beginnings, completions, growth, time, transitions.

Feel the magic and mystery of being alive, of your personal connection with the web of life, with humanity, with the earth, with ancestors, with the spirits, with the cosmos.

Make one loving choice. Then another. And then another. 

Our many loving choices will connect and intertwine. 

Relationships and structures will begin to take shape. 

Thread by thread by thread, we’ll weave heart-centered lives 

and, together, a heart-centered world.

Prairie Dog Medicine: Gifts of Communication

Prairie Dog Medicine: Gifts of Communication

Our world feels like a whirlwind of harsh, harmful words
shouted in the news,
thrown across the borders,
ricocheting around our homes, schools, and workplace,
and whispered inside our own heads.

How can we reclaim the healing power of words? 

Listen to the medicine story here (& meet my four-legged tech assistant, Lily ♥️):

Prairie Dog Medicine: Gifts of Communication from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

Coyote Medicine

Coyote Medicine

Coyote is a powerful teacher about flourishing and thriving against great odds. Coyote shows us the way to stay true to ourselves, even in the midst of judgments and disregard. Coyote does not join up in the warring. The brilliance of Coyote is expressed another way.

Connect with the medicine of Coyote for inspiration for living genuinely. True to yourself. Deeply connected with the web of life. Ingenious. Passionate. Free.

Coyote Medicine from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

Python Medicine

Python Medicine

Pythons are well-known for the way they extinguish the breath of life. When our fears of death and dread of snakes get all tangled up in our minds, we overlook the gifts of this remarkable serpent.

Python has some magic to show us about how to birth the changes we seek in our lives and in our world.

Python Medicine: Holding Space for the Birthing

Python Medicine from JoAnne Dodgson on Vimeo.

Magic of the Dreamtime

Magic of the Dreamtime

“Your wants awaken your passions,” said Ka`Kao. “Your passions lead you to your dreams. Your dreams hold the remembering of what you love about life. Feel your aliveness. Feel the callings of your heart.”

~ from Spirit of Chocolate: A Woman’s Journey to the Rainforest in Search of Her Dreams.


Every lunar cycle is a new revolution in the moon’s orbit around the earth. The beginning of each lunar cycle takes place in the deep darkness of the No Moon or New Moon. Some traditions refer to this as the Dark Moon phase.

During New Moon, the moon rises in the east at dawn and sets on the western horizon at dusk. The moon is positioned between the earth and the sun. Backlit by the sun, the moon is hidden from our view. The moon is still fully present, just invisible to our human eyes and from our perspective on earth.

The New Moon we are experiencing this weekend is an eclipse – the third in a series of eclipses since July. The New Moon Eclipse accentuates the magic and power of the new beginnings and our entry into a new cycle. Eclipses open doorways to shifts and transformations. The ‘usuals’ are shaken up. Changes are evoked. We’re called to feel and acknowledge the awe and mystery of the universe, of life on our planet earth, of our personal purpose and path in this lifetime.

During New Moon, without the glow of moonlight, the night skies are very dark, a vast field of obsidian black. In this deep darkness, on a clear night, countless stars and planets are visible to our eyes. The New Moon resonates with the energy of winter, the inner callings, with quieting and focus on the unseen, the inner core, the underground.

In the rich darkness of New Moon, we are invited to open our minds and hearts to reach into the depths of our universe. We are reaching into the great mystery, the void, where all potentials exist.

During New Moon, if we listen, we’ll feel the calling to focus inwardly, to quiet and settle in the stillness, to reach into the depths of our own spirits, hearts, bodies, and minds. There is much to awaken and discover, to hear, feel, and sense, to connect, honor, learn, explore.

New Moon is a powerful time to vision and dream, to set intentions for the new cycle. Dreams exist in the realm of energy, the not-yet-manifested. Dreams are the blueprint for what will come into existence in our lives. Dreams are filled with information, with emotions and pictures, with thoughts and sensations. The blueprints guide what we build. The blueprints, the dreams, shape how we go about living our lives. Your dreams are powerful gifts to clarify and claim, to nourish and protect, to hold and remember.

Give yourself the gift of setting aside some time for dreaming and visioning during New Moon. What do you really want for your life, for the earth, for all life?

Write your dreams in a journal. Paint them, sculpt them, dance them, sing them – whatever helps you feel, picture, fully sense and embody your dreams.

Share your dreams with others, with gratitude, curiosity, appreciation for diversity, and respect for your own and others’ unique dreams and life paths.

Flourish in the magic of the dreamtime.


Spider Medicine: Weavers of Webs of Life

Spider Medicine: Weavers of Webs of Life

Spiders are extraordinary weavers of webs. They know the art of sacred geometry and purposeful design. They are the makers of the fibers which are used to make the webs. And a few years ago, I learned even more about the mystery and magic of Spider’s ways.

As the sunset painted the clouds purple and red, a long-legged spider crawled out from the shadows and began to weave a web. The spider looked otherworldly with her sleek round brown body and eight highly arched striped legs. She was a skilled acrobat, moving about with great agility. Intrigued, I spent much of the evening watching her.

The spider initiated her weaving by free-falling from the porch rafters. Suspended on a shimmering thread, she hung upside down and glided closer and closer to the ground. She came to land on the very tip of a blade of grass. There she attached a grounding cord, anchoring her web to the earth.

She crawled back up the thread and stretched fibers out in all directions, expanding the framework like the rays of the sun. Returning to the center, she circled around and around, steadily moving further outward, making a spiral.

The spider wove her web with the very fabric of her being. She generated the fibers and then knitted them together, forming patterns, shapes and lines into an integrated whole. Guided by the ancient blueprints she carried within, the spider’s focus was unwavering as she weaved.

When her elaborate design was complete, hours had passed. The moon had risen, the stars filled the sky, and the spider sat in the center of her grand tapestry. The glistening threads were sticky, the web’s geometry magnetic, all designed to attract and to hold what was nourishing for her.

Later that night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I finally got out of bed and made my way through the dark house, irresistibly drawn back outside by some mysterious calling. Wrapped up in a blanket, I laid down in the hammock, gently swaying as I watched the spider ride the waves of the breezes fluttering through her web.

Early the next morning, as the sun began to rise, I was abruptly awakened out of my sleep. There at eye-level, right in front of my face, was the spider swinging back and forth on a shimmery thread.

How had this small silent creature called me out from my sleep?

What was it she wanted me to see?

I sensed Spider was waiting for me to wake up. Then she crawled back up the thread and somersaulted into her web. Glistening fibers broke apart. Delicate threads came undone. The elaborate spiral imploded as the bottom half of the web collapsed in on itself.

With her spindly striped legs, the spider deliberately took apart the rest of the web she’d created just hours before. Then she crawled away into the rafters, retreating into the shadowy crevices between the wooden beams and peeling bark. She didn’t reappear until evening. Then, simply and naturally, she once again began to weave.

I spent days enchanted by the spider’s dance, waiting for her arrival at sunset, watching her weave ornate tapestries, marveling at her ingenuity and artistry. But the long-legged spider didn’t only weave webs. She also took them apart.

She lived with unshakable clarity that she had what she needed to manifest what she wanted when the guidance from within and the rhythms of the earth indicated it was time.


Weaving and unweaving.

Building and taking apart.

Rebuilding and reweaving.

Our spiraling dance with life.


Unleashing Love

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