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Today I Saw a Butterfly

Today I Saw a Butterfly

Today I saw a butterfly
her blue speckled wings
glistened in the sunlight
the magic of her metamorphosis
danced around in the winds.

She flew over the sagebrush
and landed on red sandy soil
resting awhile
opening and closing her wings
a silent rhythmic drumbeat
sending wave after wave
of the knowledge she holds
about naturally transforming
choosing to grow
and heading into the mystery
in the passionate pursuit of becoming
despite those who would say
it’s an impossible dream.

I stood with Butterfly
on the sunny hillside
until she lifted into the air to fly
with graceful ease
as if she’d always had wings
weaving her way around prickly pear cactus
and drifting among the piñon pines.

Not very long ago
she had a pillowy oblong body
with rows of tiny sticky feet
she feasted on leaves
flourishing in the beauty of being Caterpillar
all the while preparing
for the changes to come.

There came a day
when she found a sheltering place
because it was time
according to her inner knowing
and the lineage of her species
and the seasons and cycles
of the earth and the stars.

She created a sacred space
for change-making.

Her heart and her spirit
the very purpose of her existence
were beckoning
guiding her
steadying her passage
through the dissolving of what had been
and the creation of her new form
and the emergence from the chrysalis
under her own power
when everything in her
knew it was time
to warm her wings in the sun
and take flight.

Today I am following the path of the butterfly
together we can join the dance of the butterflies
passionately pursuing the becoming of all we are here to be
creating sacred space for transformation
dismantling what has been
honoring the mystery
exploring unknown terrain
knitting fibers of connection
shaping new forms
reweaving the web of life
within us, between us, and all around.

When it is time
according to our inner knowing
our ancestors and lineages
and the wisdom living in the earth and the stars
we’ll open the doorway
step through the threshold
warm our wings in the sun
and fly
into the magic of our own metamorphosis
into a beautiful, loving world
beyond our wildest dreams.


Beyond the Fears

Beyond the Fears

Remembering What Lives Beyond the Fears

With the escalation of fears, we often get lost in overwhelm and powerlessness, blaming and judging, and the survival mode patterns of fight or flight or freeze.

While tending to physical health in our personal and collective lives, there is so much more to remember and claim about who we are, where we are, where we are heading, and how we’re going about getting there.

Soak in the healing guidance from the spirits…

Vulture is an ancient carrier of unconditional love. Vulture shows us that love has no need to judge or to see anyone or anything through the lens of better-than or less, worthy of love or not. Love and acceptance honor and acknowledge what exists. Seeing what-is just as it is frees us from the harm of judgments and disrespect.

Love often gets buried beneath our fears. Fear distracts us from the passion of our creativity and aliveness. Fear builds walls around our hearts. We withhold our caring and resist the love we’re being given. We stamp down our own and others’ innovations and dreams.

While we seek to end the epidemic spread of germs and illness, we also need to focus on what we want to share, nourish, birth, and bring to life.

There is plenty of room to seed and grow love. Love is spacious. Love discerns. Love chooses with keen awareness. Love doesn’t fear death. Love is not episodic in it’s natural, all-encompassing flow.

Love heals. Love listens deeply and sees with clear vision. Love is freeing, allowing everyone and everything to be true to their unique existence. Love weaves and connects, soothes and protects. Love learns and expands, widening the embrace as life itself changes and grows.

It’s possible to step into this particular moment in our lives with the intent to remember love. Rather than shutting down, disconnecting, and numbing out, we can allow the opening and awakening of our hearts. We are in this together. All of us. You and me. Our families and communities in diverse lands and cultures. And each and every being, all the seasons and cycles, in the extraordinary web of life.

As Vulture gracefully coasts through the sky, Love rains down from her wings. Soak in and share the showering of Love. Care for your own well-being. Listen, understand, and respect others. Tend to animals, trees, and waters. Receive the offerings of connection and support. Sense the generous love flowing through the cosmos and on earth in our web of life.

Love is powerful healing medicine. Let Love be the great contagion and intentionally pass it on.


Bear is a teacher about Gratitude. Gratitude, according to Bear, is the wide-open welcoming of the gifts. Genuine gratitude, like genuine love, is unconditional.

Gratitude is an antidote to fear. Gratitude directs our attention away from the worry and stress and into empowering ways of feeling, thinking, taking actions, and relating.

Bear Medicine calls us to hunt for the gifts we’re being offered in this moment on earth, personally and collectively. What do we have the opportunity to hear, see, and learn? What is this little bug – who has the ability to disrupt massive human-made systems – showing us about ourselves and our fibers of connection?

Bear Medicine nudges us to reach beyond fears and see what we are being given, the opportunities that are here for us, even in the midst of unexpected challenges, grief, loss, and change. We’re being called back to the basics. Yes, washing our hands. And rediscovering our organic interconnectedness. We are co-creators in the web of life, minute by minute and day by day. We are giving and receiving in all kinds of ways, seen and unseen.

How are we shaping the web of life with the words we speak and the actions we take? What are we infusing into the intricate fibers of connection, energetically and emotionally? We have the power, and responsibility, to choose.

As the activity level of our societies is being quieted, Bear Medicine calls us to search for the gifts that live inside this pause. What does the brief reprieve in our perpetual busyness and habitual disregard of our planet offer for us and the web of life?

It just may be that getting everything back to the way it was, reasserting the status quo, is not the path of well-being for humans and others on our earth. I’m curious what will emerge out of the stillness and chaos. I’m excited to see how our ingenuity and collaboration come alive.

My dream is that we garner the power of making changes, with the fervor and far-reaching effects of this microscopic bug, in the direction of healing, love and respect, harmony and well-being for ourselves, one another, and our beautiful web of life.

Bear Medicine, the wide-open welcoming of the gifts, is something we can choose to share and pass along. Gratitude is contagious too.


Living the Love

Living the Love

If we’re waiting for somebody else to change, to start loving or stop hating, we’re placing the power for change-making directly in their hands. Rendering ourselves powerless. Relinquishing our dreams.

Love is our nature. Our genuine human nature. Claim the beauty and power of your own heart. Beginning here. In this moment. Even now.

So many of us have learned a conditional version of love. We’ve made up all sorts of measurements, scorecards, and hierarchies to judge who and what is better or less, worthy of love or not. We’ve grown accustomed to confusing forms of love that are episodic, inconsistent and unreliable. When love is conditional, we denature life. We’re denaturing love.

Humans are the only species I’ve met who struggle to love themselves. We judge our own bodies. We judge other people’s bodies and physical existence. We try hard to be something other than who and what we really are. Our battles against ourselves are reflected in our battles against others. Endless wars among people. Disregard for natural cycles. Disrespect of oceans and rivers, animals and plants, birds and bugs, and so many more.

Elephants are one of the guides who has helped me find my way back home. To Love. Being loving. Being love-able. Able to love.

Elephants are great teachers about body love. They completely embody their massive physical form. Their immense legs and padded feet. Their unique trunks, ears, tusks and tails. Their deep rumbling vibrational language and trumpeting sounds. Their wrinkly skin. Their interconnectedness as a herd.

Elephants fully embody their bodies and their elephant-ness. Every centimeter, shape, form and function is essential. Elephants are simply and beautifully being who they are, living their belonging on the earth, walking their purposes and passions in life.

The Elephant Spirits have shown me that when we, as humans, come back home to ourselves, when we embody our bodies and feel comfortable in our own skin, we’ll reclaim the ability to relate with ourselves and every body else with respect, appreciation, balance, interconnectedness, curiosity and love. Can you imagine?

When we fill our body, mind, emotions, and spirit with love rather than hate, with acceptance rather than warring, we open the doorway to a completely different existence. Our perceptions, choices and language shift. We step into our power of co-creating rather than judging, desecrating and harming. We contribute to the continuance of life, feeling part of rather than separate from, the intricate ecosystems and webs of relationships on our earth. This is the dream I hold for me, for us, for the wildly diverse human us.

Elephant-hearted love begins on the inside and radiates far far beyond. Genuine love is an expansive embrace. Love free-of-conditions doesn’t demand agreement, consensus or sameness. Accepting someone or something unconditionally isn’t about condoning violence or harm.

Love is intelligent and vastly aware. Love acknowledges and respects the existence of whatever it is that exists. Love names without blaming and shaming. Love sees what is just as it is. And chooses how to be in relationship with whatever it is that is seen.

In Love, nobody is excluded. In the eyes of the heart, there is nothing to measure up to, no expectations to be met. Judgments of better or less don’t even make sense in the boundless field of unwavering love. Challenges and changes are understood to be part of the dynamic, interactive flow of life.

Love grieves and honors loss. Love claims and protects sacred space. Love weaves fibers of connection, giving and receiving information, choosing and discerning, nourishing transformations and growth. Love releases what is ready to be let go.

It is a loving act to shed judgments, misunderstandings and lies. Love allows the dying away when cycles are complete, when something is no longer is needed, when the purpose has been served. Love untangles bindings and takes down imprisoning walls.

Follow the medicine of Elephant and set off on a quest to awaken Love. Discover what it feels like to simply love your own body, to appreciate the gifts, to honor and be curious about every centimeter, shape, color, texture, function and form. Embody your existence in your humanness. Settle fully into your unique aliveness. Feel again your love for life. Then stretch your awareness even wider, expanding the reach of your loving embrace.

Love is all around us. Love is ready and waiting to be remembered within us. Living the love we naturally are is a healing, revolutionary choice we can make with every breath and every step we take.



See in the Dark

See in the Dark

The New Moon this weekend invites us to touch the darkness. When there’s no moonlight, the countless stars and our galaxy, the expansive beauty and awe, are all the more available to our human eyes. In the deep darkness of the night skies, we can see so much life.

Darkness is ready to be embraced. Not the “dark = bad, light = good” kind of darkness this is flavored with judgment and disconnection. To be rooted in our wholeness, remembering all of who we really are, to join up with the dance of life rather than resisting and fighting against, it’s vital to get to know the darkness. The dark is organic, essential. Life on our earth is so exquisitely designed.

Words have an effect, filled with nuances and energy, rippling through and far beyond the person who speaks. Judgments and fear are set in motion with “dark = bad, light = good.” This idea feeds racist beliefs which rank humans as better or less, loveable or not, based on the color of skin. With good/bad, either/or ways of thinking, we tear apart the web of life and generate hierarchies which devalue and disrespect.

Re-writing language helps us to see differently. And when we see with open eyes and hearts, changes in our language will reflect this too. Words can purposefully be used as medicine that untangles us from labels, opens possibilities, seeks understanding, and nourishes connection. Words as medicine name without judging and knit together what’s been broken apart.

The beauty of the moon called me into the dark of the night. I had to find my way beyond the haunting fears from childhood ghost stories, scary movies, and the social mandate that women shouldn’t be out alone at night. Women have been given a collective curfew which actually doesn’t ensure safety. Atrocities and threats take place in broad daylight. The idea that darkness is the danger is a lie.

So I listened to the nighttime calls of Great Horned Owls, Crickets, and Coyotes. I followed the moon on road trips and while camping in the red rock mesas. I fell in love with New Moon, the deep darkness of the new beginnings, compelling me to explore the gifts of visioning and dreams. In cultivating relationships with the earth and moon and natural cycles, with the wild ones who sing in the night, I began to feel more at home, finding a sense of belonging on the earth as a human in the web of life.

It may not be nighttime that is the organic darkness that calls to you. Perhaps it’s the soils of the earth where seeds are planted and roots grow. Or the womb space of mothers and birthers. Or the depths of the ocean. Or the mysteries of sleep. Or bear caves. Or beehives. Or the underground homes of prairie dogs and ants.

Follow your curiosity, the callings of your wonder. Open the door and set off on a quest, exploring the beauty and magic of the dark.

Medicine for the New Year

Medicine for the New Year


Weaving the Webs of Life

Spider lives with unshakeable clarity that she has what she needs to build what she wants when the guidance from within and the rhythms of the earth indicate that it is time.

Hear more about Spider Medicine as we make our transitions into a new year…


For Personal Healing & Guidance:

Throwing of the Bones Ceremony

Medicine Card Reading

Medicine for the New Moon

Medicine for the New Moon

Deer Medicine

Guidance for December 26th New Moon

The New Moon is the opening into a new cycle, a powerful time to set intentions, to vision and dream. Our December New Moon closely follows the Solstice, the shifting into a new season on our earth. During this New Moon, we’ll have an eclipse which heightens the energy of the new beginning. And our December New Moon is the initiation of the lunar cycle that carries us into the new calendar year 2020. Such an empowering time to reflect on where we’ve been, to clarify what we really want, and to choose the direction we’re heading in our personal lives and collectively on our earth.

Enjoy listening to learn more about Deer Medicine as we enter these new beginnings…



For Personal Healing & Guidance: Throwing of the Bones Ceremony


Unleashing Love

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