All the Way Down to Our Toes

All the Way Down to Our Toes

“…the really wonderful task of humans is to bring cosmic love all the way down to our toes. To ground it, not just intellectually, and not even to the heart level, but all the way down to our toes. To bring cosmic love to Earth, fully embodied.” – Elisabet Sahtouris

What would it be like to accomplish this wonderful task, minute by minute, throughout every day? Can you imagine embodying Love, living in Love, letting Love flow all the way down to your fingertips and toes? Give it a try, just now, wherever you are.

This is the natural way of being a human being: embodying love with every breath and every step we take.

How could we forget such a beautiful thing?

While you’re going about grounding this vast cosmic love, it’s important to remember that love doesn’t just exist somewhere out there. It’s not only found in the faraway galaxies. It’s not only shared by the trees, flowers, four-leggeds, and winged ones. Love doesn’t flow in only one direction, from head to toe, from the cosmos to Earth.

Love lives inside each and every one of us, including you and me, and spirals around in all directions, and radiates out like a star. This is how we naturally weave relationships with everyone and everything, the seen and unseen, those nearby and far beyond ~ giving and receiving, embodying and being, the infinite flow of love.

Loving from the inside out.

Loving from the outside in.

Rivers of love flowing

from the heart of the galaxy

to the heart of the sun

to your heart

to the heart of the earth

and back

in every moment.

This is our natural way of being as human beings. Centered in who we really are. Accepting all that is, just as it is. Letting love radiate out from the very cells of our being. Sensing and receiving the love that fills the world around us. Living in love with life itself.

How could we have forgotten such a beautiful thing?

It’s time for the remembering.




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