A World Without Walls

A World Without Walls

I’m dreaming of a world that has no walls, no borders or boundaries that become justification for endless war.

I’m dreaming of a world in which judgment becomes an obsolete, long-lost word.

I’m dreaming of a world in which hatred and rape are simply inconceivable.

I’m dreaming of the remembering of Love that leaves no one, no thing, and no body out.

I’m dreaming of crystal clear waters and air so the hummingbirds, whales, and butterflies thrive in their migrations, being who they naturally are and doing what they naturally do.

I’m dreaming of our remembering, of the reclaiming our genuine humanness,
with the vast fields of our Songs rippling on and on and on,
with our wide-open hearts weaving our world
with crystal clear fibers of connection,
heart to heart to heart to heart.


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  1. What an amazing poem! I am wondering if I can post to on my facebook page to a couple of groups I am in?
    Thank you!

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