Circle of Life

New 6-Month Program

June-November 2017

A unique on-line gathering space
to cultivate community
and deepen connection
with yourself, one another, and the web of life.

Reclaim your relationship with natural cycles within you and all around.

Awaken the power to dream new dreams, let go of blocks and fears,
and take actions to bring your dreams to life.

Reweave your connection with your own heart and spirit.

Live in love with life.

Watch Video Here: Circle of Life
Watch our Video: Hawk Medicine & Circle of Life

Come join us!

Here’s what your membership includes:

  • Six sessions, one each month, that begin with a written posting, an offering of information and inspirations to learn about the natural cycles of our earth and moon; to explore the medicines of Solstice, Equinox, and the lunar phases; to awaken and deepen your connection with your personal rhythms and cycles and the passages in your life.
  • Each session is organized to set you off on your own quests. Each posting serves as a catalyst for your personal explorations, to delve into the world within you and all around, to learn from your first-hand experiences. You can readily bring what you explore and discover into your everyday life.
  • Our community forum is for members only – a rich opportunity to cultivate safe and sacred space for sharing your experiences, asking questions, awakening curiosity, opening hearts and minds, and supporting and connecting with each other.
  • Throughout the six months, I’ll be interacting and connecting with you on our community forum. I will be involved as a mentor, guide, and companion in your journeys.
  • Your presence and participation in our community, the sharing of experiences and cultivation of relationships, will enrich learning, empowerment, and healing as individuals and collectively as a group.
  • You are free to move through the materials at your own pace. You can access the membership forum anytime of the day or night, from home or wherever you are on the planet. The forum is password-protected, available for members only.

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Registration closing this week

6 month membership: $19.98/month

Level Price  
Monthly Payments $19.98 now and then $19.98 per Month for 5 more Months. Taxes apply to NM residents (6.5%). Select
Paid in Full $119.88 now. Taxes apply to NM residents (6.5%). Select

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