Hawk Medicine

Hawk Medicine

I received a remarkable gift this morning while out for a walk along the arroyo. A hawk swooped by and landed in a tree right over my head. When the hawk landed on the branch, a feather drifted gracefully to the ground.

I stood quietly admiring the hawk, listening, watching, wondering what messages Hawk was bringing for me. When the winged one flew away, I searched around for the gift. The delicate feather had landed in my footprints in a place I cross over a gully every morning I walk in the mesas.

My sister and I have come to understand that Hawks are bringers of messages from our dad who died a few years ago. He died just before the Solstice, during this season of the year.

It was so heartwarming to feel my dad’s presence this morning. I hear him letting me know he is with me in my walk, watching over as I find my way in my life path.

With love and gratitude for my dad, for Hawk, for the feather, for the beauty and magic of life.

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